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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Five: Freedom

After spending the past six weeks with my right arm tightly bound to my body with a "shoulder immobilizing" sling due to shoulder surgery, I was able to discard that restrictive device three days ago. Such freedom in movement is to be savored! This brought to mind how we experience freedom in many different ways in our lives.

For today's Friday Five, tell us about your times of release or detachment (freedom!) in such areas as:

1. physical
2. spiritual
3. emotional
4. vocational
5. relationships

Of course, if you want to choose different categories, please feel free to do so.

Let us know if you have played by leaving a link to your blog post in the comments. To learn how to do this, go here.


  1. I played my first thoughts on freedom. It's not very deep, but hey, I played for the first time in a long while.

  2. I'm free! I'm free!

    And freedom tastes of reality...

    (The Who)

  3. Good Morning Freedom lovers. I played over

  4. Trying again! I played over here

  5. Yay Jan!!!!!!

    I freed some thoughts here

    I'll try to catch the others and then I am headed "east" for some cultural arts fun.

  6. kind of sterile, theoretical and academic sounding, but at least I played today thanks, Jan and how wonderful you must feel all over with your shoulder free!

  7. I found this hard at first, but kick-started a spectacularly unproductive day here.

  8. I had fun -- and added a musical number AND a movie reference. Just because. You'll find me singing freedom all over the place HERE!


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