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Monday, February 13, 2012

meet-n-greet: midwinter pick-me-up

This must be the month for beautiful language--every single one of these blogs is beautifully written, making me long for the days when I too will write pretty! :-)

Stop by and say hello to our new friends!

Linda, who blogs at Gleanings from a Glens Girl, is a pastor in Scotland.

The Pudgy Parson is "the cute character in my head that represents me, who is both witty and honest about where she stands. The Pudgy Parson is the one who can write about the struggles of losing weight, especially while in a rural, deep south, food loving, exercise shy congregation. So here's my truth and starting place: I think I'm about 60 lbs heavier than I should be. I've gained it, I've lost it, and I've done everything under the sun. But here I am anyway, and I want something better for myself. As a pastor, I know I need to take care of my soul AND body, because if I don't, there's not going to be enough energy to take care of my flock. I'm tired of going it alone. I got myself into this, and this is my journey toward getting out of it. I know I was created in the image of God, but I haven't been living a whole life as God intended. So here's the good, the bad, and the pudgy and the journey toward finally being the person God created me to be."

Amy at Living Water(town) is "an investigative pastor. New to my post at the Church of the Good Shepherd in the fine city of Watertown, Massachusetts, I want and need to pay attention to the here & now. I’m setting out to learn as much as I can about the community, to hear the stories held by the people I meet here, and to reflect on the good, bad, beautiful, and odd as I go about my business."

Elizabeth, who blogs at A Still Life says: "an Alabama native, my husband and I moved to Richmond in 2003 when I enrolled at the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. A three-year M.Div. program stretched into five and then turned into an indefinite stay in the great Commonwealth of Virginia. As mother to a five-year-old son and two-year-old daughter, I am daily striving to balance the many roles of vocation. When not on the job as “Mommy”, I serve a local Cooperative Baptist congregation as associate pastor."

Still Going To Graceland has settled on a new blog address, so update your blogrolls:

And last but not least, our friend Amy Haynie has a new blog--check it out!

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