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Saturday, March 03, 2012

11th Hour Preacher Party: Get Thee Behind Me Edition

Seriously, you can buy it here.
Yes, we are here to tempt you today, RevGals and Pals.

The banquet table will be spread with goodies. (You didn't give up virtual donuts for Lent, did you?)

The brilliant minds gathered will offer up sermon approaches, children's messages and advice on life's trials and tribulations.
(You didn't have anything else to do today, did you?)

The comment party will go on late into the night. (You didn't need to sleep, did you?)

Share your offerings with us here. Let's resist the temptation to play Angry Birds and cheer each other on, instead. I've got Starbucks Blonde coffee and smoked bacon and fresh eggs, and I'll be whipping up breakfast soon. All that will take my mind off preaching tomorrow in front of one of our own. (No pressure, right?)


  1. Can't sleep tonight so I thought I might sign on. I am caught up with the idea that on all the Sundays of Lent the Hebrew texts have to do with Covenant. I am working on a blog article that I hope to post tomorrow. I don't preach Sunday but I have texts still churning--as well as Lenten disciplines.

  2. Good morning pals,

    Kitteh alarm went off at 4:30am (grrrr) so I'm up and at 'em.

    We are in our new place safe and sound. Now comes the hard part, unpacking. We've unpacked the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and most importantly the books. I start my new pastorate next weekend so we have time to settle in.

    I'll be thinking of you all as you spend the day exegeting, contemplating and writing your sermons.


  3. I am off lectionary for a few weeks, preaching tomorrow on Mark 11:1-11, yep, the entry into Jerusalem. If you are interested here is the sermon a clash of cultures

  4. I think you are right, Muthah--I see the covenant thread from Genesis leading into the "how do we live into discipleship" questions in Mark.
    I preached Gen and Mark last week and am preaching Psalm 22 this week. I'd like to say it is because I was inspired. In truth, I was at a gathering of Presbyterians all week and the Psalm 22 sermon is one I wrote this fall for a journal.

    Blessings to you all in your Spirit listening today. I am up early not to sermonize, but because we just took our oldest to the airport. He's flying to Louisville (or denominational Mecca) to serve on a planning team for an upcoming youth conference. I'm very excited for what this opportunity will be for him, but will be less anxious once he lands safely in Louisville.

    This morning as I was reminding him of things, my husband lovingly suggested I was like Mrs. Potatohead at the end of the first Toy Story when Mr. Potatohead is leaving on the journey. I might just resemble that comment.

    Here's last week's sermon. Out of the Crowd

  5. I've had a good start this morning - I'm preaching two different sermons on the gospel text this week.
    Early thoughts are posted here
    Now going off to enjoy some spring sunshine in the park. I'll be back later to tidy up and party!
    And, hopefully, I'll pick up something nice for lunch while I'm gone.

  6. Just enjoyed home-made Chicken and vegetable broth with my brother and his fiancee who are up in Scotland to finalise wedding plans for June.

    Mornign service is printing. Talking about Mark's gospel and JEsus speaking "plainly" when it sometimes seems anything but plain what he is saying. I hope it comes across ok.

    Still to write the evening communion service. Very glad it only happens 3 times a year but it does upset the Satruday routine!

    help yourselves to soup - there's plenty. Be back later.

  7. Hello, all!
    Late start here, as the dog kindly slept late. We have an eye on the weather, which is currently rain melting our lovely snow, but which may be something worse in the town where my church is. Book Group at 10, so I'll make some calls at 9 and see what more local weather-watchers think.
    I'm preaching the Mark text and mostly worried about having to preach it in front of our kathrynzj. I always seem to have a tough text when she's in town!
    Coffee is brewing, and bacon is next!

  8. Sounds like a lot of great thoughts are being bantered about. Lauren, we are having a brief interlude this Sunday for Youth Sunday, but the rest of Lent and Easter hits covenant pretty hard.

    Blessings upon those who are nearing completion and those who have not even checked in yet!

  9. I am going with a theme of "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered".
    Bewithed (Satan and how our own desires lead us astray--temptation)
    Bothered (both Jesus and Peter are bothered by the other's reaction)
    Bewildered--Peter can't figure out Jesus--and even we are a bit bewildered about what picking up our cross means.

  10. I'm reaching back to last week and picking up the Noah lection. I was able to get some pretty decent/coherent (I hope) words written on Thursday.

    Quick question: Several weeks/months ago there was a suggestion in the 11th hour party for a website where you can save youtube videos to show without having to rely on internet. Does anyone remember what it is?

    Many thanks.

    Thinking of all those who have experienced tornado's in loss of life and destruction.

  11. Purple, I'm pretty sure you can find it in the comments here.
    We are out the door to book group, back later!

  12. I can't actually believe that at 2.45pm (UK time) my sermon is done (though whether it will stay done is another matter!).
    I've gone for the line of how our faith is about walking with both triumph and suffering - how we live and express the crucifixion as well as the resurrection.
    It's here and I'd really appreciate any comments or thoughts.

  13. Morning all!

    I'm envious how busy everyone has been so far! I wish my sermon was in posting stage. It would have been except for 2 things: I was sick yesterday and lost energy about 2pm and I'm having a hard time finding my way in.

    I'm off lectionary for Lent, with that book study. This week's topic is "Fear of Not Mattering" and its all about how our value comes from God's love for us. One of my favorite themese, so you'd think this would be easy. But no.

    DH wants to go to the city today and I want to go too, but am debating the wisdom of that much activity. I feel a little better today, but my throat is still scratchy.

  14. Get thee behind me -- Good exhortation for me this morning!

    I am not preaching this week as I am taking a few days off to recover from my reconstructive breast surgery. Physically I feel pretty good, but I am still too sore to lie on that side and I am 100% dissatisfied with the results, so it's a good thing I'm staying away from church. I am not in a good place at all, as I wonder what the point of the last three months of painful procedures was. I have nothing to complain about cancer wise, but a great deal to disconcert me appearance-wise. I so did not want to hate how I look or to have to contemplate another surgery, and here I am doing both. Meanwhile, I have to prepare three sermons for next week.

  15. Robin... so sorry to hear of your struggles. Just pausing as I sit here to ask God to help you as he knows (rather than as I guess!) and sending revgal love x

  16. ((((((Robin)))))))

    I feel like I am behind already...I slept late and then skyped with my adorable almost 4 yo granddaughter and her mom instead of getting the early start I planned--needed because i have chores to do also. Oh well. I really can't complain about sleeping and skyping :)

    I am think about the continuing covenant theme too and God's faithfulness to a recalcitrant people ... we'll see where that goes, but I started down the covenant road last week with Noah so I'd like to keep it going.

    Rainy and cold here...ugh. It's been a weird winter for sure.

  17. I finally finished my article I was working on on Covenanted Love here

  18. Good morning gals and pals
    I don't check in here often any more, as I have given up my weekly preaching gig for a 1/2 time associate position. I realize it is only for this season, when I need extra time to care for my three daughters and get my ordination completed, but it seems like forever, and I miss it a LOT. Today, I am working on a newsletter article, writing the pastoral prayer and great thanksgiving for tomorrow's worship, and doing some housekeeping for my position with the Order of St. Luke. I'm enjoying a morning by myself as two girls are at a women in science program and one is hanging out with her dad. So - I've slept in, gone for a run (made it farther than I have in about a year!), had a very leisurely breakfast, and now am reading blogs. I guess I should get to work!
    Blessings on all who are preparing to preach and lead, and (((((((ROBIN)))))))))))) you are in my prayers of course. I am so sorry things didn't go as they should have.
    If anyone has any great ideas on how to survive as a 1/2 time associate with no clear job description, let me know. I feel like I am bumbling through here and although no one else is unhappy with what I am doing, I am. No goals, no measured progress, week to week planning, bleah.

  19. Hi, everybody; we're back and we have bagels to share!
    Robin, you remain in my prayers.
    Purple, did you find what you needed? That was actually me earlier. Apparently I don't understand how to sign back in as myself. ("Everybody wants to be kathrynzj," says kathrynzj.)
    I'm playing around with a Children's Time idea in which I ask the kids to bring up a parent/adult who might know how they got their name. But maybe there are pitfalls I'm not anticipating. Thoughts?

  20. I'm on my 5th Sunday of Paul Simon songs with the gospel text, so I'm using the Mark and pairing it with PS's song A Church is Burning.

    I'm asking the question, "What are we willing to die for?" Jesus was clearly willing to go to the cross for his friends, and perhaps Andrew Goodman (the activist in Mississippi killed by the KKK in 1964) thought that an end to racism was a good reason to die. But what about us?

    And what is it going to take to get us moving against the powers that be?

    My congregation is moving towards creating a statement about how the political right, in the name of Christ, is fighting a fight that many Christians do not believe is right.

    Of course, I'm in Virginia, where a lot of the battle against women is happening.

    Anyway, back to it!

    Robin, I hope that things get better!

  21. I have a draft with the theme of "God shows up" when we might have given up waiting (like Abraham and Sarah) and in the most unexpected ways (suffering on the cross like in Mark) but i'm not at all sure I like it. Ugh. We'll see how it looks after a break.

    Meanwhile, salsa soup for lunch? That seems to be my Saturday staple these days.

  22. Martha, I did...many thanks. I am hoping to use a footwashing video on Maundy Thursday.

    I posted As For Me... which is on the Genesis text from last week.


    If Angry Birds is a tempting then do not...I not begin playing "Cut the Rope".

  23. oh, Robin....many gentle hugs to you.

    Our Lent theme is "Heart and Seek" and HoS is preaching this week on John 1:35-39, titled "I hear, I see, I learn."

    I'm debating whether to try to match the children's time to the text/title, or just do something about Lent. I'm wide open for suggestions!

    I'll be making a vegetarian pot "roast" for dinner tonight, so if anyone wants to stop by, please do. :-)

  24. I've got a case of the blahs. I have been sick (minor things: a cold and a stomach bug) off & on for about two weeks, and now that I'm *physically* better I can't find any motivation to do work. Ora pro me.

    The gospel ("take up your cross") this week is challenging me. I've been thinking about a School of the Americas (SOA) protest that I went to a few years ago where we raised white crosses with the names of the thousands of people in Latin America killed by military leaders trained in the U.S. We lifted up these crosses but we weren't really the ones carrying the cross... the ones who died were. Instead, for us to hold a cross meant to stand in solidarity. However, if I explore this "lifting a cross" image, I need to figure out how to do so without seeming to be anti-US or anti-military, since such a large percentage of the congregation/community is military.

  25. Home from a Presbytery meeting. Since the cuties stayed home with Daddy, I got a little done on the sermon last night in the hotel room.'s deadly dull. It's on Mark, the rebuking part specifically. More later--sounds like naptime is over.

  26. well I got the freezer deforssted while at a book group this morning (steps 5&6 0f 12 Steps for Compassion). Once it has cooled I'll pull stuff out of the coolers and put it back in.

    sermon tomorrow is on worship. why we do it, how we do it. Part of the plan is to have people think of their 3 favourite and least favourite hymns. Then point out that if we compiled all the answers there would be hymns that could be found on both lists. This leads to an ethic of worship I once heard Tom Long suggest: Participate fully in the parts you like and don't like because what does not feed you is feeding someine else.

  27. I've got the sermon for the evening service drafted but still working on the morning. At least that means I should be able to chill tomorrow afternoon - as much as you can chill when a service is looming. It's the same gospel - there's just so much in it, isn't there?
    Stopping to watch some TV before supper.
    Prayers for Revgals checking in today - and those not partying.
    Robin - that sucks. Sending extra prayers x

  28. Hello all, glad there is food to share because I really don't feel like cooking - again I don't feel like cooking, I should say.
    Robyn, so sorry for your frustration and hope healing is one the way for your body and mind.

    I think I'm done, but afraid it's a dog - which I will walk proudly - but am trying to think of ways to keep people awake. sigh.

    My stories are the only good part so I'm leaving them in even if they distract.

  29. Friends, I'm sorry to have been so distracted all day. There's a butternut squash roasting in the oven, and a chicken pie to heat up later.
    I'll be around after dinner to read your sermons and hope to get mine posted then, too.
    Nancy, that's always good advice.

  30. Hi everyone,distracted doesn't even come close to describing it for me. It's my last Sunday at the two little mountain churches I've been supplying and communion and installation of elders..... thankfully it doesn't have to be long.

    We move in two weeks and my first Sunday in new parish is the 25th. We're seriously discombobulated around here - DH and I both staggering under stress of trying to get everything ready for move and house ready for sale.

    Robin, can't even begin to imagine how you're feeling; prayers ascending.

    Anyone else having any trouble getting to Muthah's link?

  31. We are a very quiet group today! Dinner is over here, and I am about to begin looking at the linked sermons. How's it going out there?

  32. I've moved to bed to finish in this awkward position of laying down with my lap top = LAZY. I am tired and likely fighting a cold. Hopefully this prone position will lead to an early night. Just need to read some more of, "What's the least I can believe and still be a Christian" for the Young Adult SS class I'm leading.

    I did post my <a href="”>words</a>”>Sermon</a> and the pictures help. Not that I'm doing a slide show tomorrow. Best to all, I'll check in to read your sermons.

  33. Kids are in bed (under duress), dishes are in the dishwasher (thanks, hubby), so I guess it's time to get busy. I'm supply preaching at a congregation that usually has about 6 worshippers. That's making it hard to get motivated tonight.

    Nancy, I think I'm fighting off a cold too. It must take a lot of energy for the immune system to get busy, huh?

  34. Oh, esperanza, that is tough!
    I really need to take another look at *my* sermon, but right now the kitchen is in an uproar with the preparation of chocolate chip cookies, so I'm still reading yours. :-)

  35. Thanks for the prayer and support, everyone. I am just so very sick and tired of bad things cascading into my life, one after another. And I am SO glad that I listened to my son's advice ("Mom, you've had surgery again; give yourself a break") -- from a physical standpoint, I could have gone back to work the next day, but from an emotional standpoint . . . I am so grateful not to have to lead a worship service in the morning. I would probably just stand there and cry.

  36. Robin, that's a very wise son.
    I'm still working my way around your blogs, but here's my offering for tomorrow: "Who you calling Christian?"

  37. oh, chocolate chip cookies sound good...

    If this tells you anything, our Presbytery meeting made the local newspaper. Not in a good way. Sigh.

    Robin, your son is so right. Be gentle with yourself. Take another Sunday if you need it.

  38. I'm getting a much later start than I wanted, but the afternoon spent in the company of fellow beaders was much needed. Hopefully the sermon was being woven with the beads and is ready to come out on paper.

    I guess I'll party with the late nighters tonight.

    Robin - hugs and prayers.

  39. Gals and Pals, I've got to hit the sack. Prayers for all who are still writing and for those we haven't heard from this week, wherever they may be. I'll be back with fresh coffee in the morning!

  40. I've been sick. Baby's been sick. Add to that that I've been running around the state this week for this meeting and that means that I'm tired, a bit cranky, and really not sure where I am going for tomorrow morning. I have a title, "Risky Business" and a vague idea that I want to talk about how following Christ means that we have to set our own self interests aside for the greater calling...but I don't know how I'm going to fill 12 minutes yet.
    Ah, well, here we go!

  41. I guess I'm sticking with deadly dull. Printing now.

  42. Martha ~ regarding children's time ~ I did that once and it worked well. I was prepared to share the story of how I got my name and how we named our daughter in case we had a lot of 'we just liked it.' We were a small group, so I did share how I got my name too--especially since my daughter was in the group and her first name was chosen just because we liked it! Her middle name is a shortened version of my mom's name, so we did have that.

  43. I just stopped by because it's about the "normal" time for me to do so. The sermon and prayers are already printed. So here's my chatty post.

    I finally have permission to begin the interviews for research for my dissertation. That development could give me reason to be grateful for the potential for sustainable sermons in the next few weeks.

    Meanwhile, I am on day 6 of a geocaching challenge that requires finding a geocache on 12 consecutive days.

  44. Gord, I like the idea of a defrosted freezer and the worship suggestion. I have a friend who asks people to name "comfort food" to make the point that while everyone knows what that is generally, we don't agree on what it is specifically just like worship and hymns.

  45. Wow. I was comment number 50! impressive

  46. I am about a third of the way done. Had to work late tonight. So ready for a full time call, gang. Retail (in toys) is not my spiritual calling.
    But what am I talking about in my sermon??? Marbles. Stole the idea from sermons4kids!

  47. I just can't get this sermon to jell. I want to toss it and start over. I want to go to bed and get up earlier and work on it (yeah- right, like that's gonna happen.) I want the sermon fairy to come and wave her wand over my computer and have my sermon macially appear.

    Maybe a girl scout cookie would help...

  48. No magic sermon fairy, but my husband just walked in as I was typing and offered me my very favorite gs cookie! How well he knows me.

  49. Prayers for all you dear "gentle servants". Prayers of healing for Robin especially, and those who are sick.

    My heart is still heavy for the storm disasters here in the Mid-West.

    And Mrs. Potatohead Marci...your sweet boy is being led by the Spirit thus will be cared for the Spirit.

    I am checking in and then checking out to go to bed. A very FULL day with my kid's musical ventures (a.m. piano federation & p.m. orchestra concert)marking the day.

    I am teaching a new class in the morning (studying the Lord's Prayer using Crossan's book and J. Ellsworth Kalas study), preaching, and then Lenten Study in the afternoon on Revelation.

    Sermon on the "Son of Man". Human things verses divine things. Getting it right sometimes and then getting it wrong sometimes like Peter.

    Nothing but Diet Coke here but it has lime in it! :)

    1. Diet Coke with Lime. You rebel.
      Hope the performances went well today. i am still blown away by Matt's recital. So glad it was on youtube.
      And my son is doing well in Louisville. His roommate is Buddy Monahan's son, so he can't quite get away from people who know his mother. Poor kid.

  50. hi, anyone still up? I'm just sticking my head in here to say hi. My sermon is rather pathetic so far, but as we have communion tomorrow and it's a sung liturgy! with the choir doing the singing! and it's beautiful! I'm hoping no one will really notice.

    I'm mostly doing an object lesson. Giving everyone a name tag where they are to put their old "name" and the new "name" Christ gives them.

    Ahh, romana, gs cookies all gone here - you got anymore?

  51. Juniper - we practcally assaulted the poor girl scouts, we were so excited to find any. There's none in our county, so we bought 10 boxes while we had the chance! So there's plenty.

    I'm not really happy with my sermon but it's done, and posted here and wending it's way through cyberspace to my kindle, so I guess I'll go with it. I'm glad preaching is not about me, but about God - the HS has her work cut out taking my messy sermon and turning it into a vehicle for the Living Word!


  52. I'm going to bed!! Good night everyone!

  53. oh, the cookie bounty!

    Ok, I have enuf of an outline that I'm turning in. Blessings to ya'll...

  54. My lack of attention has met new depth tonight. I just need a real short meditation tomorrow since we have a bunch of stuff going on in worship tomorrow, but I can't even muster up the attention to get this out. 17 more minutes 'til bedtime. It will be an interesting morning. :) It's in my head. I just need to get it on the screen.

  55. Checking in, very late, with nothing written yet (but I do have a sustainable sermon that may be workable). Great day though--our first Messy Church went well! And then I made soup with the youth group. Just not feeling motivated to actually write the sermon.

    Prayers for anyone else still working out there (1-4?)...I think She Rev has already hit her usual bedtime...

  56. My offering...
    Blessings on your preaching and prayers and proclamation in the morning!

  57. Anybody up yet? The cat alarm went off early

  58. I'm here and working away after falling asleep as usual. Always makes for an exciting morning as I try to finish in time to get ready and get to church. :)

  59. Hi semfem! I missed you earlier, but I'm back now. I let myself hit snooze a lot since I wen to bed without about a thrid of it done and the rest of it planned on a piece of paper by my beside. Short, short, short is my mantra. i think I can. I think I can.

  60. You can do it, She Rev--and by now perhaps you already have. I just finished and I'm running late! Off to print and get dressed. Blessings, everyone.

  61. I did. :) I wasn't a tough one to get on the screen. Blessings on you and everyone else, too!

  62. A belated good morning! I'm at church now, trying to get all the technology here to converse. (We have a new wireless hub, new office computer, lots of kinks yet to work out in the new system.)
    Blessings to all this morning. Think of me as I try not to have a fit of nerves with kathrynzj in the pews. My people remember her sermon at my Installation *very* well. :-)


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