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Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Five: Holy Week Favorites

Holy Week is upon us.

Realizing that most of our readers are clergy, and that clergy don't necessarily have the opportunity to fully worship when they are responsible for leading (creating, writing, facilitating) worship:

I invite you to share five favorite Holy Week things, five things that are truly worshipful for you.  It may be that it's the way they are done in your congregation (or were done in a previous one).  It may be your personal preparation for certain services or observances.  

Breathe.  Be still.  Look to the week ahead, and Holy Weeks past, and imagine the worship.

Bonus:  a piece of music that "is" Holy Week for you.

Please share your thoughts in the comments, and if you participate on your own blog, do share a link so we can visit your worship. Here's the line of code that'll make that happen:
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  1. Thanks to you Mary Beth. I reflected over at my place - signs-along-the-way.

  2. I appreciated this one, Mary Beth. And I simply cannot make the code work this morning. So,

  3. i LOVED this HOLY WEEK journey~ TY Mary Beth!
    and blessings on each of us as we worship our great Saviour and Redeemer...

  4. Thank you Mary Beth, I needed to play this one my thoughts are here

  5. Long time since I played... but I played [quietly] here

  6. It's late in the day, but I had a big funeral this morning followed by the interment at the cemetery this afternoon. So, after a number of weeks when I have been unable to play, I offer this response:

    What I love about Holy Week...

  7. Thank you... it's been a hard week but doing this helped me get my perspective back... Here's mine...

  8. Reflected on the week in my weekly letter to the congregation I serve. Loved the process of reflection. The process gave me some clarity.

    You'll find my thoughts (and a big thank you to the Rev. Buddy Stallings) here.


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