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Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Meet 'n' Greet: two new friends!

Good morning gals and pals! It's that time again--time to welcome new members of our community! Stop by and say hello and let our new friends know who you are and how welcome they are!

Delesslyn is "an energetic, articulate, organized, open-minded, and optimistic young lady who stands on the promise that her past accomplishments or accolades are not worthy to be compared with the glory of God that has yet to be revealed through her life! Delesslyn was licensed and ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 2006 under Rev. Jasper Williams, Jr. and did serve faithfully for a number of years in full time ministry as the Executive Elder of Salem Bible Church – Atlanta, GA & Lithonia, GA. She is currently leading the Spirited Concepts Consulting Network, LLC which provides Inspirational Writing Coaching and Consulting as well as Ministry Consulting and Corporate Chaplaincy services. Delesslyn will launch a non-profit speakers bureau in 2012."

Suzanne lives in Richmond Virginia and is an ordained minister, a mother, and an artist. She leads spirituality, grief, and other kinds of groups and retreats that focus on creativity and expression, using art to tell our stories.

hello, new friends! Welcome! Let's show these newcomers some RGBP love!


  1. thanks, ladies. i'd thought i'd joined years ago! cannot believe i hadn't!

    happy to be an official part now.


  2. Greetings! Thanks for welcoming me into this community! Blessings to all of you :) Delesslyn


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