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Monday, March 12, 2012

RevGalBlogPals -- New Facebook Group

We're excited to announce our new RevGalBlogPals Group on Facebook.

Why a Facebook Group when we already have a Facebook Page? Groups have features we think we'll make it easier to keep up with activity, such as blog posts and event links.

The Group will also be a place to have the kind of impromptu conversations that don't always fit the topic of the daily blog post and that might not be of interest to people who "like" our page.

And it's a way to join RevGalBlogPals even if you don't have a blog. 

Our Facebook Page will still have blog links, and those are also tweeted at our Twitter account.

Click here to follow us on Twitter.

If you're a blogger who meets the criteria in our sidebar and would like to join the webring, send us an email!

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