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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wednesday Festival: Thanksgiving in Lamantation

Today's post is from Marie at Love is Strong as Death.  For the background on this story, read here.   Marie's appreciation of the support drawn from social media is deeply touching, in these days when some of us feel bonds as close as sisters yet have never been face-to-face.  Thanks be to God.

I realize that it’s easy to write a heart-wrenching lament, but perhaps harder to write a psalm of thanksgiving from the wilderness. But the joyful emotions (what a roller coaster!) are just as authentic as the sad ones.
I went to church on Sunday, and realized that I am blessed, yet again, with an incredibly caring “church family.” It was only after I became a member of Trinity, Toledo that I began to understand the meaning of that rather syrupy term, then the Crossing in Boston became my faith family, and now it’s Trinity, Hartford.
April and I were amazed from the beginning at the welcome we received and the way in which we were simply scooped up into the place. On Sunday, the genuine caring expressed through hugs and words was healing to our souls.
The love and care that people have expressed on Facebook has been a blessing as well. I’ve generally been a passionate advocate of social media, and this crisis at the Religious Institute has only made me more so. April and I have been surrounded by peoples’ prayers and good wishes in the cyberworld, as has the RI.
I’m also remarkably thankful for my “crisis responders,” Hilary (my bff from seminary) and Mary (a wonderful “priestess” we got to know because she organized the drummers for our wedding). When I was in the throes of despair, April knew that this was the team that would help put me back together, and she was right.
I’m so very grateful for my actual family. My parents called a couple of days ago to let me know that they were sending “a gift, not a loan.” We hadn’t asked, and my parents certainly aren’t wealthy people, but, they said, they wanted to give us some breathing room. It is much-needed.
And then there’s April, my shelter in the storm. She’s been here to hold me, to wipe my tears, to get angry on our behalf, to pray, and to make me laugh as only she can. When my stomach aches from the stress, she knows how untie the knots and help me to breathe. And she’s picked up and done whatever’s necessary to help us survive financially.
Amazingly (or perhaps not, given the abundant nature of God), there is much for which I am thankful.
What are you thankful for today?  How may you want to show that gratitude?  Share in the comments if you wish, or shout out to Marie at her place.

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  1. Thanks, Mary Beth. You and my RevGal pals have been some of the most wonderful people for whom I'm thankful.


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