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Monday, April 30, 2012

Big Event 6.0: "In Her Own Words"

"In Her Own Words"

Ministers are handlers of words -- handlers of The Word -- although our time with words and Word is often shortened or strained by a variety of responsibilities.

So join us for BE 6.0 to enjoy an un-rushed, playful time with words that will encourage your spirit, enhance your preaching, and pepper your worship with ideas!

Our BE 6.0 leader is UCC minister and author Rachel Hackenberg, whose books are Writing to God and Writing to God: Kids' Edition; she blogs at "Faith and Water."

BE 6.0 will take place on a 5 night Bahamas cruise on Carnival Fascinaction from Jacksonville, Florida, departing Monday, January 28, and returning Saturday, February 2, 2013. We'll have stops at Key West and Nassau, the Bahamas. The Big Event is a unique combination of learning, relaxation and "galship."

Registration will be limited to 40. More details on cost and payment deadlines will follow in May.

Seriously, some of us would do this. (Right?)


  1. OK, I'll start planning with a question: What time does the boat depart and return; i.e., would we have to miss two consecutive Sundays to do this?

  2. Robin, the ships start embarkation at noon on sail day. Most of us arrive the night before, especially those of us coming from potentially snowy climates where a weather delay could make us miss the ship. The ship gets in early in the morning on the last day, most of us are off the ship by 10:30 or so, so an afternoon flight home on Saturday is possible.

    All this to say, no, you would not have to.

  3. The last time we sailed on a Monday, I left after church on Saturday. Depending on how near a hub airport you live, it can be okay to fly the day of the cruise, but as Jules rightly points out, if you're from the faraway corners inclined to be snowy, a head start is wise.

  4. Boo hoo! According to our new seminary calendar, spring semester starts on 28 Jan! (Maybe Heidi and I will go on our own. Sniff.

  5. I think Martha meant Sunday...

  6. I'm totally up for the slides. Totally. And I'm really really excited because I am trying to make it, seasick or not. :) I've been jealous EVERY YEAR that you guys left. This time. I want to be there!!!

  7. I want to come. Will there be room mates? where do we sign up?

    1. Hi, Pam~
      We're going to try an online sign-up this year, and that will open sometime in early summer. Brochures with full information will be available on request starting later in May. We'll announce that here soon.
      We can pair people who don't have a roommate, and single cabins are available, too, but of course are more expensive. That will all be in the brochure/registration form. Hope this helps!

  8. yeah! something to look forward to in the midst of winter! I need that now that I live in NE


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