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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Five: Mission Impossible!

I am in mission trip mode right now, as I get ready to take a group of youth to DC to do service work around hunger and homelessness issues.   So, in that spirit, our FF is Mission Style!  So here are your questions:

1) Have you ever been on a mission trip, as a participant or adult chaperone? What was it like?

2) What is the worst thing that happened to you/your group on a mission trip (or retreat, or camp, or Habitat for Humanity experience, or something like that--hey, this is YOUR Friday Five, so you get to play it how you would like.)

3) If money were no object, where would you want to go to help and serve?  What would you do?

4) What would be your advice to someone who will be sleeping in a gym with 20 other people for a week?

5) Any parting thoughts, stories, or questions you have around the whole theme of Mission Trips?


  1. Pretty sure I've never been first. Feeling pretty awesome right now.

  2. My thoughts are that it is Mission possible but will we make the most of it?

  3. Tiffany, sometimes it's amazing to be first, right?
    Coming over to read yours and Sally's posts!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. On tasting escargot and earplugs... things from my mission trip experiences are here! :)

  6. Well, this was a difficult one for me, but I played...(and fear I was a bit of a critical snob about missionary stuff, sorry! my baggage coming through)

  7. Earlier I forgot how to link, so I'll try again: Missions here.

  8. Missions are near and dear to my heart.
    I played here

  9. I forgot to add that my favorite mission trips are the ones when I get to take a real shower at some point (vs. A swimsuit shower)!

  10. Oh, this brings back memories! Thanks for that.


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