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Friday, April 06, 2012

Holy Week Prep Party: Good Friday Edition

Greetings, beloved children of God. My prayer is that you survived the previous evening's activities without scalding any feet or passing along diphtheria to unsuspecting parishioners and that upon further reflection you are no worse for wear.

Today is Good Friday with a variety of options to mark the occasion - some have ministerium duties (I know of colleagues parading around their respective towns today), some have a series of services paced on the half or whole hour and some have one service tonight. Some... it is true... have none.

I will be experiencing the mix of the sacred and the profane as I spend the morning in the office working on next Sunday's liturgy, dabbling on the Easter sermon and then will go out to buy things for the Holy Easter Basket... you know, jelly beans, a baseball and maybe a chocolate bunny.
Or two.

Our Good Friday service is this evening and its liturgy and presentation is set in stone. I am there to read and wear a robe. For this, I am thankful.

Tell us what you are up to, share the way you're pacing your week, ask for prayer or offer it, seek liturgy suggestions or hit the conversations going on over at Ye Holy Facebookee.
For verily, verily we are all in this together.


  1. Thanks for hosting, Kathryn, and I love the cartoon!

    Our Good Friday service is usually a joint service from noon to three with other area churches. That didn't happen this year, so no one is expecting anything "from before" at our own church's evening service. It will be a "Seven Last Words" liturgy, with hymns and choral music.

    Easter sermon is done except for the intermittent tweaking that just has to happen.

    I'll check in again after this morning's funeral.

    1. Blessings on your funeral! The timing is difficult for you but powerful for the family of the one who died.

    2. A funeral on Good Friday - blessings upon you. And Sharon, my goal is to be HALF as hospitable as you in these Preacher Party threads. You are gracious and lovely.

    3. Kathryn, thank you for those kind words. It's fun to see what everyone shows up with, isn't it?

  2. As you know, I've got no service, but I'm setting up a space for prayer/reflection/meditation in our sanctuary, and I know of one (1) person who is planning to come, but who knows, I may be surprised. There's also a luncheon going on, because it always happens on the first Friday. I'm (trying not to be grumpy) about it.
    I'm going to spend some time in the sanctuary listening to the really great music that will be playing (see my Good Friday Mix here). I need to work on material for Sunday, but that will have to wait until later. And I'm debating going to someone else's service tonight. Will it be the high Episcopal service at the Cathedral, or the more intimate worship planned by my Methodist neighbors? Not sure, and it may be decided by where I can park on the first Friday in downtown Portland, where there is always an Art Walk. Which makes me think I ought to reconsider and go somewhere more suburban. :-)

    1. One (1) is better than none (0).

      I think you should have very good intentions of going to a Good Friday service and then stay at home and chill out instead.

    2. Martha, that is an amazing list of music. If I were not thousands of miles away...I would come.

  3. Good morning, kzj!

    No scalded feet from last night's Maundy Thursday service. Thanks be to God! Although my clergy colleague did wear knee pads underneath his robe!

    We will celebrate Good Friday with an evening service. Both our MT and GF services are shared worship services with our sister Presbyterian church in the area.

    Do you always work on next Sunday's liturgy on Friday? Just curious.

    Ah...the Holy Easter basket! Believe it or not, there will be a day when your sweet boy will no longer ask for goodies in the HEB but money and/or iTunes cards instead.

    Would covet prayers for my son who has the flu and is not bouncing back as quickly as I would have hoped due to some other health issues.

    I will be thinking of all you women saints as we journey into this Holy Vigil together.

    1. Prayers ascending for your son!

      Since the RevGalBlogPal 4.0 cruise, where we worked on worship liturgies and I was reminded how much I enjoy writing them, I have tried to create more space for working on worship. Our staff plans the probable themes way ahead, but since my day off is Monday by the time I get in on Tuesday we are already at a crunch level for that coming Sunday.

      So since mid-February I've been jumping ahead to the following week's liturgy. This works for me because Friday is a work day, but usually in the morning with folks and phone calls it is still not a good time to write the sermon AND my son is at his Dad's house on Friday afternoon/evening and into Saturday so I can write the sermon then. This may not work when my family life shifts, but for now (and for the brief amount of time I have been doing it) it's good.

    2. That is nice. Tuesday does usually turn into a "dash to get the bulletin done" kind of day, doesn't it? I like the deliberateness of your liturgy writing. Will you publish one day? :)

      I always have to write my sermon at home. Even quiet Fridays at church offer too much distraction. The "solo" Friday night/Saturday morning is a good space.

    3. My stuff isn't good enough to publish. Now Martha Spong on the other hand...

  4. KJZ--you always make me laugh!
    Tonight the intern is in charge, so I just need to show up. This morning I'm interviewing a candidate for a temporary administrative assistant; and then will take st k of the inventory for the Holy Easter Egg Hunt after worship on Sunday. That's about it. Probably finish the sermon for Sunday. That's it!

  5. I have two services today. One is a cross walk between all the area churches (8 in all) that should conclude about noontime and the second is a joint service with the larger UMC church in the next town over. We are stripping the altar and as each item is being brought into the sacristy, we are talking about what was stripped away when Jesus hung on the cross. It could be really powerful, except the other pastor was suppose to write the meditation and dumped it in my lap yesterday morning. I will get through this. Blessings to you, your congregations, and family during this holy time.

  6. Yes, Megan, you WILL get through this. What a full day! (And a pox on that other pastor.)

  7. We do not have a service today. In the past, we've held services and no one came. So, for the past two years, we've set up a prayer walk in the church, and no one came. But, THIS YEAR, the worship committee put together a portable prayer walk - a brown paper bag with a little scroll of all the readings, a meditation, and a prayer. In addition, there are cross crafts (with supplies included) if you have children and they want to participate as well. So, we are hoping that the congregation will have a prayer walk at home.

    1. Oh...I like the "portable prayer walk" idea.

    2. Portable prayer walk - excellent! (read 'excellent' as "stealing")

  8. We alternate hosting another church for GF services. No preaching from either pastor as it is liturgy, music, and the passion according to Mark.

    I used the time divisions from "The Last Week" (Borg, Crossan) for the readings. Total we will have 6 times of silence during the evening. The organist is "in charge" of holding the silence for at least a minute each time.

    Thanks kzj

    1. You're welcome!
      I love the use of Borg and Crossan. Be blessed!

  9. RevKel, sorry to hear about your son and I hope he is soon on the road to recovery.

    Just back from my three hour service. Luckily I only went 5 minutes overtime! My back aches from washing feet last night (ok, I know I'm unfit), I'm exhausted from the 3 hour service, but I DID IT! they seemed to find it all very moving. 221 people there, which is amazing. If even only a few people say something positive, I'm happy and quite a number did. Now I am going to settle down to watch a dvd and tomorrow I will write Sunday's sermon. My brain is - again - porridge now.

    1. That is a long service! Glad it went well and 221 is an encouraging number. Happy sermon writing!

  10. Well done, Pat!
    Enjoy that well earned dvd and might I recommend a hot toddy instead of porridge?

    1. I wish. Unfortunately I gave up alcohol for Lent! But Sunday approaches!!

  11. Good morning everyone!
    I'd like to take a moment of personal privilege to bitch about last night and then I'll return to my naturally sunny disposition....
    We had a great Maundy Thursday dinner/worship with readings and music. Good turnout. It was nice. Then we continued up to the sanctuary, where I had (with the help of worship committee) put together a number of prayer stations. It was great.
    Here's the bitch...
    The choir director held the choir (30 people) from coming to the prayer stations because she needed to rehearse for Sunday. (They chose not to rehearse on their regular Wednesday because they were going to be singing Maundy Thursday). When I realized what was going on, I went downstairs and said, "worship is still happening now upstairs". She said, "I have to get this done now."
    I turned and walked away before I said something really unkind.
    Some of the choir did come up afterwards, but it meant that I didn't get to go home until 9:30.
    The people who did come upstairs had a great experience. And I had someone come up to me and ask if he could anoint my hands with the nard substitute at one of the stations.
    Okay, rant over. Thanks for listening.

    Today, I'll be sermonating. Preaching Mark on Sunday. For worship tonight, I'll be going to a friend's house for dinner and lots of wine.

    My sermon is shaping up to be about the necessity of death for new life. We'll see how that turns out.

    I also need to get the easter basket stuff.
    Blessings on all of you. And Kelley, I hope Matt is better soon.

    1. Marci,
      We have had similar problems with the choir rehearsals. Most recently during an Ash Wednesday service. I think a private conversation with your choir director will be important. Worship should be supported by the whole staff. No other programming should interfere with worship...and the stations are worship. Plus, I feel bad for the choir members who do not get to participate. Breathe...

    2. Yes, I'm actually going to have the Worship Committee and Personnel deal with it. Chair of Worship (who also spent a lot of time putting it together) was upset and members of Personnel are in the choir.
      So, I'll see how they respond.

  12. Oh Marci... the music department - can't live with them, can't... well, that about sums it up. :)

    Excellent well-deserved rant. We used to have that issue with the handbell choir on Ash Wednesday. I solved that by joining the handbell choir. Admittedly, that's not for everyone. :)

    I'm more excited about our Maundy Thursday next year, than about the one we had last night. We're going to incorporate some of those prayer stations that we had last night and I LOVE that someone anointed you as well.

    Hope the rest of the weekend goes smoothly and with joyful, well-rehearsed singing!

  13. Having more time than the rest of you, I created a Friday Five for this day.

  14. The first of today's two services is in 45 minutes. I still have no concrete idea what the Holy Spirit wants me to say after the reding of John's gospel. Something about blame not being a game we can play here.
    We have had services every night this week, Evening Prayer with homily on Monday and Tuesday, Tenebrae on Wednesday and the Maundy Thursday liturgy last night. Everything has been wonderful so far. We will do the Way of the Cross and the Good Friday Liturgy at noon and 7:00 today, the Holy Saturday service tomorrow morning, an Easter Vigil with another church at 10:00 tomorrow night and then the two usual services on Sunday with a choir breakfast in between. Oddly, I am looking forward to all of them. I am also looking forward to the nap that many people will call Monday. :-)
    Blessings upon all of us and our congregations!

    1. Margaret, welcome and blessings upon you!

      I'm glad you are enjoying the worship.

  15. Still working on 4/15 liturgy and bulletin. That did NOT go as quickly as I wanted thanks to a weird decision to not go lectionary when we spoke about it with the worship staff. I've changed that. Because I can.

    Giving myself one more round of 20 minutes then it's off to shift gears to The Boy's Easter basket.

  16. Good things today:
    - I read a beautiful reflection from Howard Thurman about Jesus on the cross that really moved me.
    - I ran 7 miles before breakfast with a clergy galpal
    - I got to hear the new senior pastor of First Pres - a woman! - preach at our Community Good Friday Service (3 30-minute services planned by 3 different churches and participated in by many downtown churches; I planned the 3rd service and invited the First Pres pastor to preach) - she was fantastic and I'm excited to get to know her
    - I really enjoyed the "If Jesus Had a Twitter" video Julie Woods posted on the RGBP FB page
    - I feel mostly ready for tonight's Tenebrae service (it helps so much that we use the same reflections every other year!)

    Not good things:
    - I haven't dyed Easter eggs with my kids yet and don't know when I will be able to
    - My foot has been bothering me whenever I run more than 5 miles and I'm worried about what's wrong
    - I still haven't written word 1 for my Easter sermon

    Major decisions made today:
    - I will not bake my traditional Easter bunny cake this year (seriously, when did I think I was going to do that?) - I'm going to get an Easter Bunny Ice Cream Roll Cake from Baskin Robbins and my kids are going to love it and will not miss my homemade bunny cake.

    Final good thing, to end on a high note:
    - I love this community and I'm really enjoying the multiple incarnations of our community now. I thought the FB group might compete with our blog, but instead I feel like both enhance each other.

    Blessings, sisters!

    1. Fun list!

      A B-R ice cream cake will surely not meet with any complaints.

      Prayers for healing for your foot. And I'll double down on prayers for your Easter sermon.

      I agree about FB and the blog working together well.

    2. Earthchick, I love Howard Thurman. Where did you find that reflection? Good choice on the bunny cake. Hope your foot feels better.

    3. Thanks for the prayers, Sharon!

      RevAlli, I follow the Howard Thurman fan page on Facebook. I read this reflection there yesterday. It's from "For the Inward Journey: Moments of Celebration"

      "My God, My God"

      He was dying!
      Jesus had come to the cross by a direct path
      Despite the agony of all the pain
      There was the sense of pure relief
      That He and the dogging shadow were face to face.
      Nothing could reach Him now.
      He was beyond the violence of all His foes,
      he thought.
      He gripped the pain.
      He established its place and bade it stay.
      Death was at hand, he knew:
      A zone of peace holds fast the place
      Where pain and death are met.
      Pinnacled on its lonely height, He waited.
      Then came the crash of words:
      "Come down! Come down!
      If You believe Your words,
      Call the angels to do their words,
      "If You are God's son, make good Your claim!
      Come down! Come down! Come down!"

      His spirit quaked. His mind tilted.
      The pain escaped; His whole world shifted.
      "My God! My God! Hast Thou forsaken Me?"
      The words leaped forth.

      He wondered had He missed the way.
      Could it be true that He was sure of God
      Bur God was not sure of Him?
      The day at the Jordan His mind recalled;
      Into the desert wilderness He sought the clue.
      The mount with Moses and Elijah came to mind.
      He remembered the Cup
      And the long night beneath the olive trees.
      "This is the Cup; not Death!
      To yield the right to prove the Truth
      As if it could not stand alone.
      This is the Cup; not Death!
      Father, into Thy Hands, I give My life."

  17. I just put my 16yo on a bus to Beantown to go the Anime Convention with her 21yo brother. This is the first time I've sent her off by public transportation (other than a city bus home from school!). I'm not sure how I managed to raise someone so sheltered.
    Now it's time to type up some of the notes I took during the meditation time earlier. Let's hope I can read my writing...

    1. It's never too late to throw your kid on the bus. I said ON the bus! I bet they have a blast!

    2. Ha! Well, she is safely in his hands now. Tomorrow they meet the 26yo and all come home together for Easter!

    3. Martha, if my 13 year old lived anywhere near Boston, she would be on that bus too! (Although I have to admit her dad would as well, but she is 13...) She LOVES anime and just started a club at her school. Anyway, just a cool connection. Peace out.

    4. She'll be dressed up as Tohru, from the Manga called Fruits Basket, and her brother is going (less fanatically) as a Moogle from the Final Fantasy games. I think it sounds like happy, geeky fun, even for dads. :-)

  18. After the funeral, and unrelated to it, there was a domestic violence crisis that involved a child and a need for pastoral accompaniment for a time.

    And then my empty-pantry reality dictated a trip to the grocery store. Cat litter, coffee and half and half -- can't live without them.

    Oh, and guess who's getting Ghirardelli Dark (Chocolate) & Raspberry in her Easter basket? This girl!

    1. After that day, I hope you get some of that chocolate *tonight.*

  19. HEB done - now that all are teens, it consists of a cool IPod speaker that looks like a round robot with a knit toboggan and a solid milk chocolate Ghiardelli bunny. I got one for myself also (-:
    I also have a grump about last night - Rector refused to sit and discuss the service until 10 minutes before- which is when I found out I would be singing the Holy Week solemn preface (botched) - and then complained after that it all was a train wreck. People in the pews did not percieve a train wreck. *sigh*

    Not a word on the Easter sermon yet. Or the Good Friday, but I stilll have three hours, right? I'm almost outta energy.

    1. That's appalling. Your colleague's actions, not the chocolate bunny.

    2. Amy, I don't like that for you.

    3. I think the only way it really counts as botched is if Jesus stays dead on Sunday

    4. Some people are a DOOKIE HEAD.

      Thank God for Jesus, right??

    5. MB, you said that so much better than I did.

    6. sorry. Not kind, not good, not your fault.
      Prayers for renewed strength.

  20. 75% successful trip out to retrieve Easter basket items. It appears the rest of the world is just a tad bit ahead of me on that one, but I did manage to scoop up a chocolate bunny and a bag of jelly beans. One last thing, a baseball, can be picked up tomorrow... or maybe I'll leave the house early tonight.

    Do NOT let me forget to go back to church tonight.

    Piddling through 'at home' errands, should probably leave for church in about an hour. Starting to feel the crunch on time available tomorrow and and Easter sermon that needs to rise out of the tomb of my head and onto paper.

    Earthchick, that's quite the list - thanks!

    1. ha! forgetting to go to church was my worry last night. the choir prepared a LOVELY Maundy Thurs service and I got to go and robe up and read. It was good worship for me, hope it will be for you too.

      also, went to the store 3x yesterday and still don't have everything. it was a scatterbrained kind of day.

    2. I kept worrying that I would forget to go back to church tonight. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me when it was time to go back home and get ready for Good Friday.

      And, such the bummer when the Easter stuff is picked over. When do people have time to to HEB shopping before the weekend?

      Blessings on the Easter Word.

  21. Good afternoon preachers. We had our GF Solemn Liturgy at noon and in just a few minutes we'll have our children's service, followed by Stations of the Cross at 7pm. Then it's home to finish the Vigil sermon tonight so that I can work on Sunday's tomorrow (although I'm thinking of ways to adapt the Vigil sermon for reuse...same Gospel, same event, right?) I was up VERY LATE last night writing the GF sermon and I'd like to avoid that again.

    I feel pretty good about how the liturgies have gone so far, except for the low attendance -- I never know quite what to expect here.

    Whoa, I just heard children yelling in the sanctuary, and a parent, too, so it must be time to go.

    Amy+, my previous rector was like that about not planning or discussing liturgy until the last minute. Eventually he just let me plan it b/c he really didn't want to, and then I'd go over it with him at the last minute...which suited him fine. But it's hard to navigate. Good luck.

  22. Prayers continuing for all RGBPs and families. Thank you for the resources you've posted...I'm saving some for next year. Blessings in all your services - may your words light up hearts and change people.

  23. Today, we have (borrowed, canvas) labyrinth set up in the fellowship hall, and then in 45 min we'll have a short prayer service. good frieday here is very small attendance, but beloved of us few who do it. and it reminds me of the stuff I actually love to do in ministry that i don't do often enuf - lay a beautiful cloth on a table, light a lot of candles, sit in quiet, read scripture pray.... Simple, you know?

    Supposed to be using this chunk of time for sermon writing. would really like to have something substantial banged out before tomorrow.

  24. Came home from our 10 am service and konked out. The service went ok, but I wasn't thrilled with it. Bidding prayers and solemn reproaches, no sermon, just 2 chapters of John's passion to meditate on. Pretty heavy stuff, but I guess that' what the day's for. I think I'll try something different next year - I thought ending on the solemn reproaches was pretty guilt inducing.

    I did notice that only a few people from congregation B came to the worship last night at congregation A. And no one from congregation A came to today's worship at congregaiton B. This may be a topic for the joint council. I did notice that many of the area congregaitons only had either a Thursday or Friday service this week, so maybe doing both is not part of the tradition out here.

    I know I miss the Good Friday Tenebrae service. I thought I'd go to someone else's, but there doesn't seem to be one. Something to think about adding for next year.

    I need to get going on my sermon but I'm just so wiped out. I've got a baptism tomorrow and two 80+ birthday open houses to attend tomorrow afternoon. It's just bad timing that my turn for the Sunday afternoon nursing home service falls on Easter, so there's one more thing to get ready for.

    I want to veg out, but I better try to get something done!

  25. Great first Urban Way of the Cross in Albuquerque. A team of clergy (mostly women) and lay people planned the walk. At the statue of the Madonna of the Trail in a public park outside the federal courthouse, we had gawkers--guards and feds in plain clothes--but no hassles or arrests. Ended with anointing and prayers for healing in front of the memorial wall at Healthcare for the Homeless. A very goooood Good Friday.

    Not a word for Easter yet. Looking forward to the party tomorrow.

    1. Wow, that sounds very moving. So glad it turned out well.

  26. Ok, I have something like an outline. This is my hardest sermon of the year to write, I think because there are so many skeptics int eh congregation (kids dragged in my their parents, mostly) and they come on the day that requires the biggest leap of faith. Trying to just bring God in, and not worry so much, but it's a big hurdle every year. Off to good friday prayer. blessings all! See you tomorrow, oh, yes!

    1. oops, "dragged in BY their parents..." that should say...

  27. I'm so glad to see we're sharing grumps today. Mine is that clergy husband has been (understandably) extremely busy this week, leading to way too many hours of single parenting for me. I didn't get a chance to attend services either yesterday or today (come to think of it, I missed last Sunday too, because of youngest's pinkeye).

    Needless to say, I'm not feeling it. Sigh.

    Easter sermon needs to get written regardless. I had planned on including a story about Shaima Alabadi (Iraqi immigrant killed in California in an apparent hate crime), but--alas--it looks like it's turning into a family violence case instead. Terrible, horrific news in either case, but it messed up my sermon!

    Many blessings to you who are leading worship tonight.

  28. Easter baskets? here they only have chocolate eggs, or chickens or Bilbies [an Aussie native animal] etc. no toys that I am aware of; and shopping on Good Friday?. Here, Christmas Day, Good Friday and the morning of Anzac Day very few shops are open. Many public holidays the shops are open, but not these few. And Australia seems so much less publicly religious that the USA.

    Saturday morning here, and time to complete Sunday's service. The liturgy is done, now the sermon and a few bits and pieces.

  29. Juniper, that's such an awful story, horrible.
    I am about 75% of the way to an Easter sermon, but I need something, and I always find it hard to come up with the right thing on Easter, due to all the things we've said about who's likely to be there. My specialty is the personal story that turns out to not really be all that personal after all, but I don't like to use them on Easter Sunday. I don't think the once or twice a year people get it. I've got a lot of stuff about Mary Mag (preaching John) and a little about Paul (also 1 Corinthians, for those who may have, you know, forgotten about the crucifixion), but I need something else. I think I ought to sleep on it. But I wish I had a better line on what belongs there.
    I've got a pencil draft for a Sunrise meditation (short!), but I'm not going to type it up tonight. So tired...

  30. Oh no did I tell an awful story by accident? I didnt mean to, and on good friday even...

    1. No, no. I got confused. I was responding to esperanza. I really need to stop working, don't I?

    2. It is awful and just keeps getting worse.

      Take a break, Martha. :)

    3. Well, I'm so glad it wasn't me, but then I went and read about the case, and I'm so very sad now.

    4. Sorry about that, Juniper.

  31. I'm searching for a story about someone hanging in there in the dark times and being able to share a story of new life. That is SO vague. I am getting nowhere. Maybe 1200 words will be enough. I'm not impressed with myself, and I'm stuck with a one word title that suggests word play and I've got to carry it through or give up my membership in P.O.E.M.

  32. Also, I think most of the sermons I've preached on Easter have been pretty awful, except last year's. Too bad I'm in the same place and can't use it again. ;-)

    1. Oh, how those previous sermons hang over us. Do you find it can work both ways? I love this sermon I preached on baptism one time, for example, now every time that comes up, I always think I wish I could just do THAT one again....

  33. Just survived leading two congregations' youth groups (about 20 kids in all) through leading a Good Friday service - a funeral for Jesus. They are the same denomination, five blocks apart in the same town, and most of the ones from the church where I now serve (BIG church) have never set foot in the LITTLE church, where I used to be youth pastor. Interesting.
    Anyway, it was a very long evening - we started at 4:30 rehearsing for the 7 p.m. service. These are amazing kids, but so many of them are dealing with so much, and I ended up doing a fair amount of pastoral care during rehearsal time. The service went fine, and it was pretty cool to know everyone who walked in the door - lots of hugs and reunions with LITTLE church folk, and BIG church folk alike. And a comment from some BIG church folk about how we should do this more often!
    Now to bed, off to run a 5K in the morning at the zoo with my middle girl, then celebrate my little one's 8th birthday, get ready for sunrise and three more services, and prep for company Sunday afternoon. Thank goodness I have a husband who cooks!
    Blessings and prayers to you all. I haven't a chance to read through all the comments, so I will just respond to the last one. Martha, there is no way you have preached even one awful Easter sermon. I am sure of that.

  34. Really trying to stay off FB, and it's harder than I thought it would be. Ok, sermon, you and me, outside!

  35. Ok, a thing I'm thinking of saying in the Sunday sermon is something like: That one reason the 4 gospel accounts are so believable is in fact because they are so different. It's just like life - 4 people each standing on a different corner and witnessing an accident will see and report 4 different things. If they were identical, it would indicate corroboration to the extent that it would actually be more unbelievable.

    I, of course, have no actual studies to back this up but it has the ring of truth to me. How about to you?

  36. Sunday sermon is written, except it is only 500 words, plus the ‘children’s story’ . here it is, any suggestions?

    About to go to the church and dress it for tomorrow. Then maybe the hospital for a visit. Why do people tell me one minute before Good Friday service is due to begin that a member of the congregation has been in hospital since Sunday evening, mostly in ICU? At least they told me the family are not allowing visitors beyond the family. One of those complicated family situations  I’ll ring the hospital later and found out if I can speak with him.

  37. Thanks for hanging out a bit, folks. Praying Saturday, Sunday and Sundayafternoon/Monday are what God intended.



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