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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Prayer for Easter Sunday B

On this glorious Easter morn,
We praise your name and thank you for your faithfulness.
We marvel once again at the wonder of the resurrection
Of Jesus like kids finding hidden Easter eggs.
We are just as surprised as the women who came to the tomb that day.

We ask that this resurrection wipe away the tears from our eyes;
Bring hope to the hopeless,
Open the eyes of the blind,
Set the prisoners free and
Bring healing and wholeness to those who need it.

Lord we ask that this resurrection bring a revolution of justice.
May the hungry be fed,
The outcast be welcomed,
The downtrodden lifted up,
And those who are in poverty may been enriched.

Lord we ask that this resurrection bring renewal of our lives,
Restore our broken relationships,
Deepen our relationship with you,
Deepen our relationship with one another,
And empower us to bring the good news of your resurrection to others.

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  1. Easter blessings, Abi.
    I'm up before dark. It's 36 (brrr) and cloudy here, but the Sunrise Service goes on, with or without the shiny orb. Christ is risen! Alleluia!!!

  2. Happy Easter everyone! Christ is risen, Alleluia!
    I have survived and can now bomb out for a week. Thanks to you all for your support. I may not have been part of this page for long, but I don't know how I ever survived without it. God bless you all.

  3. Easter blessings to all! The coffee is ON... it is 27 degrees right now but we're headed to 74. Alleluia!

  4. Abi- this is a fantastic prayer and brought me into the Easter mood! Thank you and Thanks be to God.

  5. First sunny Easter in Portland OR I can ever remember. Christ is risen indeed!

  6. Thanks Abi . Thinking of you and your mom. Blessed Easter! Doing lawnwork, a simple meal and a holy nap!


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