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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RevGalBookPal Extra: Looking ahead with Still

Still feel a little dizzy after the Holy Week merry-go-round? Not yet ready to think about sermon writing? Feeling at loose ends and a need a re-focus moment?

Let's get Still

Actually, you should have already received your copy if you participated in the very generous giveaway Lauren Winner did in connection with RevGalBlogPals. 

Next Monday, in this spot, we'll have a space for discussion the books and highlighting what was enjoyable, though-provoking, curious, and relatable. 

I encourage you to write a little review of the book on your own blog and be ready to post the link next Monday! (Next Monday.) 

So, let's str-e-e-e-tch out our post-Easter rest (we are resting, right?) for a little longer and dig into Still, in anticipation of discussing it together next week. 


  1. I look forward to it, Julia! Shared "Girl Meets God" with a group of ladies at Most Holy and Undivided, and one of them said, thoughtfully, "Ah, and this girl's by no means finished with her spiritual travels, is she?" A remark which lingered.

  2. Have others received their copy of her book? I sent my address in and did not yet receive one. Just curious.

    1. Lauren Winner shipped them back in February. Will you send us another email? I'll double-check the list. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, Martha! Not to worry. Is the book out for purchase yet?


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