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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Prayer for Sunday Proper 9B/Ordinary 14B/Pentecost 6


We lift up our eyes and our hearts.

We pray to be filled with your tender mercies,

We come to you in faith,

Asking for your steadfast love

To touch our inner most parts,

Lord we pray for your church, your denominations

especially those who have met and are meeting.

We pray for your churches that are being martyred in other countries,

especially those in Kenya.

We pray for those suffering from fires in Colorado,

the oppressive heat,  those enduring the loss of electricity and .

those who have experienced flooding.

We pray for healing for our sisters and brothers

and for our world that needs healing.

We pray for strength for those who are caring for elderly parents,

and those who are sandwiched between parents and children.

We remember our members who are homebound whether temporarily or long-term.

We remember those who are in nursing homes.

We pray for comfort and presence for those who are grieving.

Let us as your children reach out in love and care to these in need.

Lord, we thank you for all you have done and are doing in our lives, our churches and our world.

Help us to be ever mindful to hear and see you at work in our world.

Lord help us to remember that your grace is always abundantly available for us

no matter what we are going through.


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