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Monday, July 30, 2012

Tuesday Lectionary Leanings: Stolen Sheep or MORE Bread of Life? Edition

Agnus Day
Is it just me or do the readings for Proper 13B (read them here) seem very much like a repetition of last weeks readings?

Nathan Confronts David
So we have Nathan speaking truth to power.  And admit it--would we all like to have this reaction to at least one of our sermons?

Or we have the Exodus-John two punch about Bread from heaven/bread of life.  But then we had John on that one last week (and again next week -- makes me glad I am not preaching again til August 26).

I think I might be tempted to preach on Psalm 51, with a touch of Nathan's parable included.  Not to induce guilt, but to talk about appropriate guilt as opposed to shame and a definite emphasis on forgiveness.

Or one could resort to a video sermon and show this VeggieTales (maybe omitting the Silly Songs with Larry portion):


  1. Alison-in-FranceJuly 31, 2012 at 8:36 AM

    No one here today ?

    I preached a few weeks back on Ephesians 1:3-14, so my plan had been to take the opportunity of the Ephesians 4 text to talk about our response to God's grace. Except right this minutes I'm not feeling so good about it. Part of me feels that I should be looking for an Olympic tie-in.

    I'm also feeling a little antsy I think because our new pastor _might_ be there (he's moving into town at the end of this week, and might just turn up for worship). I started preaching with the support of our previous pastor - I know that the new guy supports the theory, but the first time I preach in front of him is going to feel like an audition !

    (Also previous pastor was very please to have a team of lay-preachers and only preached twice a month, new guy has made it clear that his primary call is as a preacher, and that he expects to preach pretty much every week. So the rest of us will have to adapt. I'm working hard on not minding.)

  2. Last week I took it beyond the miracles and talked about how, like the disciples, when miracles come we go right back to the humdrum of our ways...back to the boat, frightened, they yell at Jesus, "come in to the boat!" and immediately they hit the beach. Jesus can't be contained. So this week, I think (and I set up titles when I first go through the series of lessons--back in late May or June) the title is about "unity in faith" as I see the series about our relationships with God and with one another. so the signs they seek, like our alcoholic beverages, our overindulging in food, or 'shopping therapy' are not going to fill the need. Relationship fills, in part, the need. (John 6:26) Spiritual relationship wherein we trust and expect to be trust worthy. (27-29)

    Not certain I'll find my way back here but am hoping you all come together weekly? I found this through Saturday Centus. :)

    As for the new pastor? Hopefully, there will be a new awareness in him that the Word can be heard from many folks and your work in the congregation, as it remains faithful, will continue to be a Word spoken without words. :) What a blessing to have a team of lay preachers and leaders! But, like the disciples, maybe it's time to 'go out in pairs' and see who else can hear the Word through you...?

  3. My it is quiet today...

    lorrainefort, yes there is a "Lectionary Leanings" post here every Tuesday. There is also a "11th Hour Preacher's Party" every Saturday where folks share ideas/laments about where the sermon is (or is not) going. And welcome!

    Alison, the first Sunday I was in my settlement charge I was not preaching (as I was arriving the day before) but did attend worship. The first thing the worship leader said at the beginning of the service was "they didn't tell me the new minister would be here today". But after she got to know me she was much more relaxed about it (as it happened, she was the lay reader my last Sunday in that place, which provided a nice bookend).

  4. Hey there,

    How many of us can say "sure is quiet today..."? Well, I'll do it. Wow, sure is quiet today :)

    Well I"M preaching, although since I got diagnosed with pneumonia on Sunday afternoon and all I"ve done the last coupla days is lay on the couch feeling sorry for myself and watching the entirety of season 2 of star trek voyageur, I'm not sure just how that's gonna go. Also, shooting off emails to everyone telling them what to do in my absence because I am so certain they will not figure it out. Control issues much?

    I'm off lectionary more or less because the Sunday School curriculum we use is focussing on peace, but I'm not at all sure how or why (in May when I planned this) I chose this obscure passage from romans and this even obscurer story from 2 samuel (Romans 12:9-21 and 2 Samuel 12:1-6). I think it had something to do with "easier to see the evil someone else is doing than the evil you are doing," which is a nice, uplifting message for an August morning, don't you think?

    Gah. Better go away and come back when I'm cheerfuler. Hope you all are doing better.

  5. Trying to remember that it could be worse. At least I'm not preaching on Bread of Life discourses for the rest of my natural born days, or however long that part goes.

  6. I'm actually doing a series on Bread for the next few weeks (my deacon intern did Ephesians last week)...want to wrestle with why bread is important, what sustains us, why the physical has to be tended to before we can attend to the spiritual, and so on. Since a fresh loaf of hot Irish bread was delivered to our cottage each morning when we were away, (and there was always just enough for each of the five of us who shared the cottage that week) I've got stuff to work with. In three weeks, maybe not so much...


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