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Monday, July 02, 2012

Tuesday Lectionary Leanings: Testify! Edition

WE open our week's deliberations with prayer (prayer source):
Guardian of the weak, through the teachings of your prophets you have claimed our cities, towns, and homes as temples of your presence and citadels of your justice. Turn the places we live into strongholds of your grace, that the most vulnerable as well as the most powerful among us may find peace in the security that comes in the strong name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

wooden pilgrim
This week brings us to the 6th Sunday After Pentecost, Proper 9B.  The RCL readings for that Sunday can be found here.

Being Sent out?
Those of us who are following David's story now come to his coronation -- an event the storyteller has been building towards since we first journeyed to Bethlehem with Samuel several weeks ago.

The other passages appear, at a first glance, to be about being a witness.  Being a witness in less than ideal circumstances at that.  Will people listen?  Maybe, maybe not.  Will the life of witnessing be easy?  Apparently not--more like the opposite in fact.  Not exactly a way to sell the job is it?

But can anyone name a spot in either testament where the task of being a witness for the Holy One is described in a way that would make anyone stick their hand up saying Ooh-ooh-ooooh! a la Arnold Horshack?

And of course for our USan colleagues this week is broken up by July 4.  Some of us in Canada wrestled this past weekend with how to deal with the fact that our National Holiday fell on a Sunday this year.  With the 4th being in the middle of the week does that impact worship planning and/or attendance?

Or maybe you are ignoring the lectionary and national holidays and going off in your own direction.  Summer sermon series perhaps?  Putting in time before vacation time starts?  Where ever worship planning is taking you this week, let us know in the comments...


  1. I am a week behind (having added the story of Abigail into the David cycle last week since the RCL omits it) and preaching on David's reaction to the news of Saul's death. My early thoughts are here

  2. Not sure what I will be doing for the grown ups , but at the family service I am going to place an assortment of travel items around and ask people to stand by the one they would take with them if they had to choose, then invite reflection on what each of those represents or why it was chosen. The practicality of the kids may offer some great insights, and the adults will have a chance to dig deeper into their own needs. Or at least that is the theory!

  3. I am thinking about the gospel this week - who are the prophets today - do we underestimate people, especially those young people we ahve watched grow up. Are we too familiar with Jesus, so comfortable with the human Jesus, that we ignore the divine Jesus.
    we missed the reading from Mark a few weeks ago with Jesus asleep in the boat during the storm - I may include that somewhere as well.
    so many possibilities, and I am sure I will pick up some more as people comment.

  4. I think I will preach on the Gospel too. I am not sure which Hebrew Scrip. reading that the parish is using. Will check later today. I would like to challenge them to have the Church become the prophetic voice in the world today--a voice that continues to be counter cultural. They may run me out of town!

    1. In the face of recent happenings in the PCUSA, this would be a powerful message. But, also one that applies to all of our denominaitons

  5. Well Muthah+ if they do you are in good Scriptural company!

    MOre seriously, I think youi have hit on where I would go to. We, perhpas expecially in mainline churches, need to recapture the idea of being a witness--both in terms of prophetic truth-telling and in terms of sharing our hope.

  6. I, like Gord, and a week behind and will be preaching the Mark Text with perhaps a hint of Psalm 30. I have a title...if nothing else...Twelve Heartbeats!

  7. Like Pearl, I'll be doing something with Jesus' family, especially his neglected sisters. And this will be the end of my summer "pastorate" supplying for my colleague on sabbatical. Monday I'll be off to Ft. Lauderdale.


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