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Monday, August 06, 2012

Blessing of the Backpacks: Monday Extra

About five years ago, one of our ring members, Questing Parson, wrote about his church's project of collecting backpacks and filling them with needed school supplies. Other churches invite kids to bring their own backpacks in for blessing. Today we have a liturgy shared by Marci Glass, intended to bless backpacks being given away. Does your church bless backpacks? If you have good resources or stories, please post them (or a link) in the comments. Because while some of us don't do back to school until after Labor Day, others are on the school bus already!

O God, 
We have before us these 500 backpacks, collected in love and faith. We give you thanks for the supplies that were purchased and for the hands who put this all together. 

We ask your blessing on these gifts, O Lord. 

May the children who receive them, learn and be blessed by the opportunities provided by education. Give them clarity of mind and heart. May they live into the dreams you have for each of them.

We ask that you bless the teachers, aides, and administrators at each of the schools as well. May their guidance and instruction bring stability and blessing into the lives of the children in our communities. 

For the gifts of minds and bodies and hearts and souls, we give you thanks. 

For the ability to share the blessings we have received, we give you thanks.

For the assurance of things hoped for and the convictions of things not seen, we give you thanks. Call us into deeper faith that we may ever be your workers in this world, bringing your kingdom to earth. Amen.


  1. I have several on my blog. Here are two litanies. This is mostly a collection of prayers with some ideas thrown in. The last one is a Sunday School teacher commissioning combined with Blessing of the backpacks that could easily stand on its own.

  2. Posted the liturgies I have for blessing backpacks and the kids who wear them in a note on my facebook.!/notes/liz-moen/backpack-blessings/10152007213410265

  3. Go to the Back to School article on my blog at for ideas about blessing the backpacks and a few other Back to School worship resources.

    Also, remember to explain what you are doing to the congregation. I was stopped by an older woman after a workshop last week. She wanted to know why the church thought it was a good idea to bless backpacks. She thought it was rather crass and commercial. After a few minutes of conversation about how important back to school time is for children and how blessing the bags also blesses them and lets them know that God (and the church) cares about them at school. That seemed to satisfy her. It clearly reminded me that we can't be too clear about what we are doing and why we are doing it in worship.

  4. We bless backpacks and lunch boxes, laptops and Blackberries...the outward signs of not only students, but also teachers and all those who work in schools (we are a parish with an attached school). Including both youth and adults, students and teachers has been a great way to set learning in the context of a community endeavor.


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