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Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Five: Friends and The Gifts they Bring

We Are Friends, from

 Good morning, RevGals, RevPals, OtherPals, and Anyone Who Wanders This Way!

I have been thinking about friends lately.  I am so grateful for the faithful friends who have brought me along in life, and I know them in such different ways!

Some are friends from my whole life...childhood, college, graduate school, churches, work, etc.  Some are friends of those friends.  

Some are people I have only met (so far!) via blogs or Facebook.

And some are a hybrid...people, for instance, with whom I graduated high school NOT having a friend relationship...and now Facebook has brought me a great appreciation of them.  I think, with some of those folks,"Gosh, I'm glad I get to know him/her NOW, at least!" 

For today's Friday Five, then, let's do a little tribute to five of your friends.  This can be broadly construed - relatives count - and you need not use names at all if you don't want to.  OR, if you want to link to blogs of favorite friends, that's all right too.  The main thing is to briefly (or not-so-briefly) tell us what makes them super special to you.  What gifts have they brought to your life?

Can't wait to read you all! You may answer in the comments or provide a link to your blog post (instructions are here!) 


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