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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Prayer for Proper 14B/Ordinary 19B/Pentecost 11

You sent your son to be bread for the world.
To feed the hungry.
Feed their minds with your word.
Feed their hearts with your love.
Feed their souls with everlasting life.
We too are hungry today for the bread of life that your son is.
There are so many hungry people  in the world, in our very own communities,
 that it is overwhelming to even think about it.
It is especially painful for us when we realize that it is mainly the children being affected.
But Lord what can one person do?
Teach us how to bring the bread of life to the physically hungry in this world.
Our minds are hungry for your word. There are so many words being said, written and spoken, that sometimes it seems our brains circuitry is overloaded with all the words. So Lord teach us how to quieten ourselves to be fed by your word.
Our hearts are hungry for your love, your grace, your joy, your peace.  Hearts are broken. Hearts are heavy . Hearts have had heartattacks. Hearts are lonely. Hearts are anxious.
Lord heal our hearts and teach us how to feed the bread of life to others in need.
Lord our souls long for everlasting life.
Our souls long to partake of the bread of life. Others in the world are hungry for your everlasting life.
Lord may we pass the bread of life onto those whose souls need feeling.

cross posted at a place of prayer and rev abi long and winding road

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