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Friday, October 05, 2012

Friday Five: Artsy Friday!

It's art, art, art in my life today, because I'm on the organizing committee for an all-women's art show that opens tonight! This means life has been about hanging paintings, arranging sculptures and assemblages, and doing everything we can to make sure we show off the women's work to its best advantage.

Something that has struck me in particular this year is the idea of art as a venue to give voice to the voiceless. But that's certainly not its only function. We have angry art, as political protest. We have joyful art, art that conveys the sheer buzz of being alive. We have spiritual art, reveling in the sacredness of the body or the earth. And just about every year, we have some form or another of "biblical" art, representing or commenting on something in scripture. (Above, the Levite's concubine from Judges, also known as Big Woman, by Elisabeth Lain Schell).

This Friday Five, reflect with me upon art and the role it plays in your life (and ministry!).

1. Do you have a favorite piece of art in your home? Was it made by you or someone you love? Was it a gift or something you decided to purchase?

2. What do you think of the the art in your place of worship? Does it enhance the worship experience? Would you add to it, take away from it, or otherwise change it?

3. What public art have you loved-- or hated?

4. What piece of art (famous, infamous, personal, or very, very well known masterpiece) speaks to your soul?

5. When is the last time you created something beautiful, just for you?

If you play, let us know in the comments! And here's to finger paints, yarn, fabric, flowers, or whatever tools and materials you make your life beautiful!


  1. I played! Over at my new sermon blog, "The Sermon Blog @ Union Presbyterian Church.

  2. Loved this Friday Five! Mine's up at Metanoia:

  3. I wrote about art last week, so I won't repeat myself: Cabinet of curiosities: arts & crafts edition

    I have two woodcut prints from Studio Beerhorst handing in my dining room. One is
    Jesus eats with friends

  4. LuV this Pat !! TY for the opp to be creative on my B'Day !
    off to add my artsy answers... :)

    1. had FuN creating my artsy post here! Welcome ~ Tea & Birthday Cake being served all day!

  5. Thanks, Pat! :) Here's mine -- which includes a music video!

  6. Here's my thinking about ART. Thanks, Pat!

  7. Here's some art in my life. Thanks, Pat, for the morning challenge. The Long Path

  8. I played today and would love to reiterate my earlier offer to design some art (banners, bulletin covers, event posters, etc) for your church or organization. I can do a lot pro bono and give you amazing prices on larger projects!

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  10. My punishment for not playing today's FF was that my link didn't work. Pat, thanks for this great FF! Go HERE to see a good cartoon.

    1. Hi Jan, (not surprisingly,) I didn't get the cartoon at all, but way to go on your piano lessons!

  11. Hi There!

    I am new to your site - I found you through my friend Faith Hope and Cherry Tea - who is being featured this week on Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy. Since her participation in this post is the one I am featuring, I wanted to let you know that I am included a link to this post in my feature as well!

    I look forward to exploring your site and getting to know you. I hope you'll stop by and consider joining our community as well!

    Have a fabulous week!

    Create With Joy


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