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Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Extra: New Contributors!

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We're delighted to announce some new members of our RevGalBlogPals team.

Wednesday Festival will change format (you may have noticed this last week), featuring half-a-dozen or so recent posts each week. We have a great new team: Amy, Robin, revhipchick, Rachel and Jemma. Reading the Festival is a great way to find bloggers you don't know yet or to rediscover old blogging friends.

Friday Five also has two new contributors. On the first Friday, we've already welcomed Pat, and on the fourth Friday, look for familiar RevGal member Deb.

We are grateful to all who have given the gift of their time and creativity to make the blog what it is. First, we give our thanks to Mary Beth, who hosted Wednesday Festival for the past few years. She is retiring from that job but will stay on as the host for Fifth Friday Five and continue her Wednesdays at RevGalPrayerPals. We also thank kathrynzj, who is leaving Friday Five but will remain a panelist for Ask the Matriarch. And finally many thanks to Sally, who most recently worked on Friday Five, as well as hosting other features in the past.

We'll add a few more new faces around the first of the year!

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  1. Thank you to all of you who keep this site active every single day. amazing!


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