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Monday, October 01, 2012

October meet-n-greet

This month our new friends are as beautiful as the fall colors--so take a little drive around the ring and say hello!

Marcia at Wonderful and Awful is "a photographer, pastor, writer, sojourner, mentor, wife, and mother to a golden retriever, Parker, and a black lab, Maggie."

April at Spiritual Practice, Faith, and Life is "a writer interested in connecting faith and life" and with a book on spiritual practices coming out in February.

RevRosa is re-joining us after a little time away. Her blog has "turned out to be a place where I come to find clarity when “the fog of life” gets me confused and disoriented." oh yes, we know about that!

M.Malick's Musings are the writings of a UCC pastor who says she (is): "Lover of my soon-to-be husband and his daughters, books, coffee, cats, flowers, travel, sunshine, cooking, my niece and nephews, and unfinished art and house projects. Can’t miss an episode of Mad Men or Breaking Bad. Enjoys Ray LaMontagne, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Peter Gabriel. My guilty pleasures include (but are not limited to) spending the whole day in PJs and reading People, US Weekly or any other celebrity magazine and getting my hair cut and colored at a salon."

Our friend ContemplativeChaplain has moved over to ContemplativePastor (to go along with a job change), so update your blogroll and google-reader!

Welcome, friends!


  1. Welcome! So fun to drop in on your blogs and hear the voices of other RevGals! Blessings.

  2. Thanks Teri and Rachel. I've just added the button to my blog and look forward to exploring other members' blogs. This month I'm on a study leave from my church and will be blogging about some of the books and blogs I'm reading.


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