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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Festival--Politics Aren't Everything

If you are in the USA then you are inundated with politics.  Perhaps you enjoy the presidential debates and campaigning, understand it as a necessary evil, or are sick to death of it, or perhaps it's a bit of all of the above.  I'm sure s the day wears on there will be plenty of politicking but I'd suggest you begin with some wise words from Terri at Seeking Authentic Voice as she reminds us that our words matter, that how we talk, listen, and treat one another matters.    Next, you should definitely hop on over to read Auntie Tiffy's Rants and Ruminations.  Auntie Tiffy made me laugh with her predictions for what another 4 years of the Obama administration might bring.

If you're ready for an escape from politics (after all, they aren't everything) here are some other options.

Silent at A Home For Words writes of her desire to and struggle with writing, something I imagine many of us can relate to.  Silent tenderly writes, "I want my words back. I'm consuming them. I've been reading more ~ some books and magazines. But I can't seem to write."

Coffeepastor discusses the decline of Fraternities  and Churches at Philosophy Over Coffee; he writes "I look at my frat's situation, and as a pastor I see some easy parallels to the church. The ones that are worst off are the ones who have a reputation of being not overly friendly, anti-social, insulated. If members can be identified, they may not represent their church in the best light."  

A Church For Starving Artists shares concerns about pastoral care--who is and isn't getting and giving it; 

"There are whole congregations that do not give helpful pastoral care to its people.  A community is transformed when everyone is trained how to care for the lonely, the overwhelmed, the sick.  Yes, there are those without the capacity to care for others.  But most of us can learn the basics.

We all need pastoral care.  And everyone can be taught to offer it."

Last but not least, some gorgeous poetry and photos can be found at:
And earthchicknits...her knitting is gorgeous!  

We are blessed to have a wealth of great blogs to read.  If you come across one we should read, please tells and leave a link in the comments!


  1. Question Parson has had some really great blogs this week!!

    Also, a little shameless self-promotion: it's almost my birthday, and I'm doing a countdown by blogging about Birthday Buddies--people born on the same day as me. It's super fun and a nice little mini-escape from the drama of the political season!


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