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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Festival: Running

As I take my first turn with the Wednesday Festival, I look around the blogs of RevGals&Pals and see that many of us are running: running literally in marathons, running figuratively through life's busyness, running logistically through our "to do" lists, running in order to keep running, running in order to create space for stopping. 

I'm a runner myself....a schedule-runner, that is, who prefers to wear nothing shorter than two-inch heels and enjoys the scramble from worship to soccer to funeral to sabbath to coffee to hospital, seeing the breadth of life in the collision of time. (Admittedly, stopping isn't my best spiritual discipline.) 

Here are some of the paces around the RevGalBlogPals network:

Sarah at And So I Give Thanks..... notices the upbeat "Post Race Hangover," when one's body and spirit are full of confidence following a race. Another Sarah recently completed a half marathon; she reflects on being patient with ourselves, in running and in life.To contrast the speed of our running Revs, Revdonna recalls the importance of two hours that she spent sitting with another person. 

Revkjarla shares the "check" she had to make on a train of thoughts that started running away ... and with a similar eye on feminist concerns, Elizabeth mulls over the complexities of the "marathon" that is non-1950s-womanhood.

We might send some love to and commiserate with Did she say seminary? on the pace of running and juggling that the seminary years often require. Kristin and her family recently made a "running" trip to a camp, and she marvels at the ability of even a few moments in a different space to renew us.

Jeanne at Remember Your Baptism upends the usual image of running out into one's busy day, instead suggesting (with the delightful artwork of Brian Andreas) that inviting the day in sets a more prayerful tone. And Judy shares her coping methods for the intensity of the US presidential race.

As you visit these and other RevGals&Pals, add your blessings of encouragement for the paces and ways that we are all moving through our days.

~ Rachel


  1. Hey there, Rachel, thanks for linking to my blog today. So nice to "run" into you again, author, pray-er, mother, pastor -- sometime we must actually meet. Elizabeth

  2. Last week was another week of running: back from camp, but getting ready for my parents' 50th anniversary. I am late in thanking you for the link, but I do appreciate it!


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