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Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Five: Leftovers

It's my week to host the Friday Five! :)

Here in the US, we celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday. At our home, we hosted 20 people for dinner -- what fun! The dishes are (mostly) put away... and we're ready for leftovers. The turkey carcass will start its journey towards soup this morning in my kitchen. And the various left-overs from our holiday spread have either been sent home with guests who wanted some, or stacked in my over-stuffed refrigerator.

So let's think about leftovers today...

1. Leftovers are sometimes a "kitchen surprise" at my house when unlikely combinations just work great! For instance, my mom often made a casserole with leftover chicken/turkey and water chestnuts! What has SURPRISED you in this season of Thanksgiving? It can be culinary, personal or spiritual.

2. Share a recipe or a favorite way to use up all the extra food from a big holiday meal! What's your specialty? Tacos? Pot Pies? Soup? Eggrolls? (It goes without saying -- we want the recipes!)

3. We have a Sunday in between Thanksgiving and Advent this year, (to which all the preachers say, "THANK YOU!") Are you wrapping up Thanksgiving, preaching about Christ the King, or having "leftovers" with someone doing pulpit supply? (I would note that as a seminarian, this was the weekend I was always assigned to preach.)

4. Do you give the holidays their due? Or are you tempted to rush past the fall festivals for a love of Christmas? Because The Johnnie is home from college for the weekend, we will being decorating the house for Christmas. Are you likewise tempted, or are you waiting a week?

5. Is there some THING, some TASK or some ONE who gets the "leftovers" of your attention? Hmmmm... yeah, that one may not be easy to answer

BONUS: A photo of your last holiday spread, family/guests or soup pot. Or those who are begging for the same.

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  1. Hello, Thank you for including my blog Dreaming Beneath the Spires in your blogroll. It has now moved to wordpress and the new URL is
    I would be so grateful if you could alter the URL in the blogroll.
    Thanks much,

    1. Anita, if no one who manages the blogroll sees this request send an email to the revgals through the link on the right side of the page and make this request.

    2. Anita,
      I'll pass your note along. Several of our admins are enjoying some prime family time this weekend. We're glad you are part of our blogring! :)

  2. We have not yet had our T'giving. We have a movable feast. I am about to head out to our family gathering. I will talk about leftovers when I get back.

  3. It's been a busy day -- but here's mine!


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