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Monday, November 05, 2012

Thankful for New Friends--a November Meet-n-Greet

What better way to take your mind off Election Madness (in the US, and I've noticed our news spilling out into the rest of the world--sorry!) than by visiting some new friends??

Ramona of Ramblings of a Jesus Freak is "Standing at the crossroads of marriage, motherhood, mid-life and ministry. Whoa! That's a lot of roads to cross at once! I am wife of 21 years, mother of two teen-agers, and a pastor in my very first call. I happily claim again the title "Jesus Freak" which I once claimed in my teens. I not-so-happily acknowledge that mid-life is staring me in the face! I am just a disciple following in the footsteps of the Master."

Rhonda is a priest in Central Virginia. She cooks, cans, and writes poetry as she ponders "life between ordination and retirement" in her Still Room.

Jen at Narrating Grace is "Solo pastor, one-half of a clergy couple, mom, collector of cookbooks, coffee drinker, thrift shopper, knitter, runner (slowly but surely), child of God."

Brenda is a Lutheran pastor in Minneapolis.

Beth is "a priest in the Diocese of Dallas in the Episcopal Church, with a heart for sharing God's love with everyone I meet. I especially care about empowering people to do God's work in the world, and helping families grow in their faith." She has two beautiful blogs going! "They are experiments in trying to provide resources to parents, children, and ministers. They are part art, part word, lots of play all in the name of God. During Advent on All God’s Kids I will be providing a virtual Jesse Tree for families with devotions and pictures and a post each day. I am hoping this will also help churches who may not have many resources to be able to utilize the internet to help assist them in their ministry." Her other blog is called Visual Verses.

Our friend Milton of Don't Eat Alone has changed his blog address--everyone update your google Reader, because you won't want to miss out!

Be sure to pop around and say hello!


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