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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wednesday Festival - Advent and Self Care

Advent is now the season and self-care is the challenge.  I offer up four blogs this morning that will minister to you in different ways this first Wednesday of Advent.

First off the list this morning is a musical suggestion for Advent, Seraphic Fire.  I am always amazed at how moving music can be.  I sometimes wonder if the music on any service speaks to me as much or more than any words used.

Rogue Reverend has a new addition to the family of RevGal Books!  All the details about I Heart SexWorkers are uut and you can order it today from Chalice Press.  I love following her on Twitter too!

Poetry feeds our soul too.  Emma at LLM has a poem about Everyday Saints to share.

Sarah at And So I give Thanks has a Caramel Apple Cider recipe for your crock pot that would be an excellent treat for coffee hour.  Now no need to worry about what your contribution will be.

And finally, prayer.  Sue at Sunday’s Child has the daily lectionary posted with readings, prayers and reflections.  Take ten minutes and spend time in the Word today as you wait expectantly this Advent. 

Tell us in the comments 
  • what music you are listening to 
  • what you are reading (or writing), books, poetry, etc.
  • your favorite hot beverage recipe that’s easy this season
  • what your prayers are this Advent
Breathe deeply as you prepare for Christ’s return to the world.


  1. Amy--thanks for picking up on Seraphic Fire. All their music is exquisite.

  2. I have just posted my contribution to the case of Merry Christmas v. Happy Holidays.

    As for beverages, Trader Joe's Salted Caramel Chai is what got me out of bed this morning...

  3. I love the salted caramel combos I've tried so far!! We have a new Trader Joe's in Fort Worth but I have not been there yet. Someone brought me chocolate covered oreos rolled in peppermint pieces from there last year. It may be time to make the journey and find TJs.

  4. Rosa - That is hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for suggesting it.


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