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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Festival: Christmas Unwrapped

Blessed Christmastide, RevGals and Pals!

Extend the joy of the Holy Day (and really, as Jesus Freak reminds us, yesterday was not the culmination of all things "Christmas" but rather the beginning!) by delighting your soul with these Christmas words around our blog network:

~ Rev. Jeanne's Christmas Day reflection on singing and caroling asks,
"What new song will Christ inspire in you?"

~ One Wild and Precious Life holds the Newtown tragedy in tension with Christmas:
"Christmas is a hoping for heaven while living squarely on earth."

~ DrTony considers the story of a child born into a warring world
and challenges our response to such a holy event.

~ RevRosa shares images of her Christmas morning ministry ... perhaps spatially distinctive
from a church building decorated with candles and poinsettias, but so clearly incarnate.

~ At LLM Calling, Emma invites us to mindfulness in the task
of sorting Christmas light tangles.

~ And, for all of the reasons that Christmas can be a difficult day/season,
Jen at Narrating Grace offers this comfort: "Jesus doesn't wait until our faith is strong."

May your joy be complete not so much in the holiday but in the Incarnate God of these holy days!

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