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Monday, January 07, 2013

new year, new members!

Welcome to the first Monday of 2013! I know, I know, Monday...but hopefully these beautiful new friends (and new spaces for old friends) will reframe that Monday experience into awesome!

Elizabeth is the Musing Amma. She is "a pastor, a teacher, a spiritual director, a family lover and a friend. She has written articles for the Presbyterian Church (USA), and preaches and teaches in a variety of places where she is called." Welcome, Elizabeth!

Mary blogs at Sicut Locutus Est (there's just not enough Latin in blogging, don't you think?). She is "A retired seminary professor and United Church of Christ pastor. She can’t help herself. She just keeps talking. And posting, for whatever it’s worth." My kind of woman! And "for what it's worth" -- everything over there is great! Welcome, Mary!

Some of you have already met Sue over on Facebook (and if you aren't a member of our FB group, you should join!). She blogs at A Contemplative Space. Sue is "English by birth and American by choice, my husband and I now live in Ohio. We have two children and are recent empty-nesters. We've lived in NY, NC and AZ so have had a delightful sampling of different parts of the US. And we know all about transition! I have learned through these times of change to always be thankful to God for what my life is at the moment, and to share every blessing. I am a Christian, a Spiritual Director and a writer. I read voraciously, garden enthusiastically, and will spend hours at garage sales and our wonderful local antique stores. If you have a book to recommend, a perennial to split, or just want to chat over coffee, I'll be available!" Welcome, Sue!

And then we have our delightful friend Sarah, long-time RevGal with a new blog. Hop on over and check out her fantastic fall knock-knock jokes! :-) Hello again, dear friend!

Please make a little jaunt around the ring and say hello to our new friends!

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