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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Festival: Reflections

Around our RevGals & Pals community, the writings are touching and honest (as ever, but we seem collectively reflective in recent posts):

Molly is considering the lessons of her recent sabbatical, including the need to keep our brain synapses open to new learning just as we keep our spirits open to new revelations. Sally, too, is reaching out beyond the familiar -- even beyond the familiarity of self-image -- for the grace of possibility and wholeness. Sharon shares the blessings of others reaching in with offers of support to the faith community she pastors, following the church's vote to sell their building.

CindiK dares fellow US citizens to live in community, without guns between us. Faith Hope Cherrytea also shares an invitation for relationship through authenticity and presence with one another. Emma offers a poetic hand in supportive friendship.

Many of you are sharing the creative insights that inspire you these days:

  • Linda introduces the music of Alyssa Bonagura, while Anita has been listening to Stravinsky and Beethoven;
  • Ruth is reading Daniel Pink's To Sell is Human and asking "What are you selling?"; 
  • Diane's sweater-knitting offers a creative parable about community & grace;
  • Lorna shares seven "up" encouragements that she found in the blogosphere, starting with "Wake up";
  • Kim considers the stones (and clay and stars) that echo our prayers;
  • and Michelle brings the beauty of her photography to warm the winter's sudden chill.
Celebrate the writings of the RGBP network on this festival day by reading and offering your comments in response to these reflections!

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