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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Festival: Rites of Passage!

This week some of the RevGals are at sea on a Continuing Education cruise - the Big Event 6!  We hope that there is plenty of laughter, learning and love.

Around the ring there is, as ever, lots of engaging reading.  This week the Festival begins with posts about birth, ordination and death.

Gluten Free Jesus Freak shares the story of the birth of her son, Lincoln, and the grace she experienced on that Holy Night.

Kristin at Liberation Theology Lutheran shares a powerful dream about ordination.  Please stop by to read her post.  Those of you who experienced seminary later in life, or who have pioneered new paths to ministry may especially like to offer encouragement, support or comment.

Elsa at (im)possible things with God writes about a funeral/memorial service she attended and what it's like to be told to celebrate when grieving.

Two other challenging topics invite our attention this week.

At Rev Mibi, Mary writes about charity and the experience as a pastor of making decisions about who to help and how to help them.  Stop by to hear about her recent dilemma as she seeks to be a faithful and generous steward of her community's resources.

Over at For the Someday Book, revjmk writes about the way in which our use of language can include or exclude others.  'Unconscious Othering' analyses the recent Inauguration Speech of the US President using it as an example of the way in which language that is intended to build community and to be inclusive can have the opposite effect.  The way we use language is such an important issue for all of us who preach or teach or prepare or lead worship.  There is a lively conversation in the comments - please add your voice.

As always you are welcome to add to the Festival by recommending your own or others' posts in the comments.  If you need help to make a link, please click here.

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  1. Thanks for including me! I love being a part of this blog network.


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