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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Music Video: O God You Search Me

I am working my way through an adapted version of the Spiritual Exercises for Lent. (Despite the fact that I began wading gently into Lent a couple of weeks ago, I am still surprised begins this Wednesday!).  So the readings in our lectionary cycle about God's call truly hit home, and the sermon at my parish this weekend absolutely hit the mark.  We didn't sing this lush version of Bernadette Farrell's hymn, though I wish we had.  It speaks to me of the tenderness with which God can open our hearts and hands, to answer the calls in our lives, both small and large.

What music called to you this weekend?  Share with us in the comments!

The adapted version of the Exercises is here.  It's a beautifully organized resource, warmly welcoming to those beginning (and the overtired!) and there all year around.  (Full disclosure, I am writing some short reflections for IgnatianSpirituality this Lent.)

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  1. I tried the link to the Exercises and it couldn't take me there. Could you tell me the link?


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