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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Festival: Lenten Reflections

In case you haven't been to church lately or you are not a liturgical nerd, a perusal through the RevGalBlogPals reading list will let you know that it is indeed the season of Lent. Personally, I love the season of Lent. It hasn't been (completely) taken over with commercialism and unlike the season of Advent, people often do take the time to slow down and pay attention to their spiritual needs. People tend to take Lent seriously. Despite not always understanding why they are giving up something, there is a connection beyond denominational ties, beyond a theological treatise, but a connection with the heart and spirit in this season.

We have some terrific writers and photographers among the RevGalBlogPals and I hope you will make some time to peruse their Lenten reflections.

Unfinished Symphony is participating in the "Photo-A-Day" Lenten Challenge. Be sure to check out her blog, not only today's (Evil) but go back to the beginning. It's powerful stuff.

journalling offers up poetry that redefines the meaning of wilderness

Mystical Midget shares her thoughts on forgoing Facebook

Spacious Faith asks us to consider spiritual illusions

Liberal Rev reminds us to consider all that the Mexican people have done to literally build up our country in this time that our government considers immigration reform. Scroll down and read the humorous and touching stories of Clarence Jordan.

Dreaming Beneath the Spires questions idolatry and art

Lastly, I leave you with a quote from Barefoot Theology
You, my dear human being, are not God. You, busy person, are not immortal. You, who can do so much and command so many, will go back to the dust. Thank God. While human mortality can be stunningly difficult to accept, especially the mortality of those we love, it is a blessing. We, frail creatures, are not all powerful; we're not even very powerful. We're really rather fragile, helpless. Without one another, we would very quickly wither away. Without God, we would simply cease to be.

Ash Wednesday, and Lent, is perhaps God's best way of telling us to set down the world. Set it down, and let someone infinitely more qualified carry it instead.

Now, go back and read the whole post--it's worth it!

This is just a sampling of the wonderful posts...if you come across other "must-reads" please post them in the comments. And don't be shy--if YOU have written a must-read, please share a link in the comments!

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