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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wednesday Festival

There are a lot of people thinking about traveling this week. Some of it is literal and some is liturgical, as we approach Lent.

Many of us are re-acclimating to life post-BE 6.0.  Four have even taken the time to write blog posts about it:

Mindy has been blogging 52 Verbs at Bits and Odd Pieces of Mindy's Kingdom.  Her stories are heartfelt and compelling to read.  Her journey has been courageous - and she is funny in the re-telling.

Emma Major at LLM Calling has a poem for her church as it travels through a time of wrestling with Gay Marriage.

Jane at Jane's Journey has a whole new church and a fun new phrase to remember as we careen through life: URACOG.  

For Our Lenten excursions of 2013, a few RGBPs have begun to post:
  • Purple at Purpletologically Speaking has a Lenten Liturgy to share.  She also quotes a book I read and enjoyed last year, Hope Will Find You by Rabbi Naomi Levi
  • Robin at Metanoia describes an Ignatian Lent
  • Revjmk at The Someday Book recalls a previous Lenten passage and the promise of "after Easter"
There are also a few already writing about the Transfiguration this coming Sunday.  I call these to you attention if you are behind already and need a nudge, like I do this week:
Do not be afraid to give yourself a shameless plug in the comments is you want to attract readers to a post on your blog. Go ahead - post a link - talk it up!  


  1. Thanks for highlighting my post, Amy!

  2. You are very welcome Purple. I enjoyed reading it.


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