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Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Exra: How far have you gotten in Lent?

Laetare Sunday, that magical mid-point of Lent has come and gone. As if the season hasn't gone fast enough already, we are now on the downward slide (!) to Holy Week and Easter. Important solemn and joyful times for the church but a lot of work on the part of preachers and teachers, pastors. musicians et al. Normally, by this point in Lent, Holy Week is at least planned if not entirely written. But this year, I'm way behind. And, the strange thing is, I'm not anxious about that. I'm not sure whether I'm living in a bubble that is about to burst or whether, this year, calmness is in order.
How is your Lent playing out this year? The Wednesday Festival has drawn our attention to many and varied disciplines being followed during Lent, But what about the remainder of the journey. Will it be, for you, a last minute dash - or a calm walk? Will you be rolling down the hill with mirth along with the Easter eggs or will you be collapsing in a heap, sobbing with relief that He is risen? Please share your journey with us. And, if you have resources to offer, they will be gratefully received. We're halfway there. No point in turning back now. Let's journey on together!


  1. This morning I ordered coloured ribbons and pins. On Palm Sunday, folk will collect a pin badge to wear during Holy Week - green, red, white or purple to remind us of various elements of Jesus journey in that last week: green for palm leaves, red for passion, white for table fellowship, purple for the cross etc. Our Palm Sunday service will incorporate readings based around these themes and colours. Sorting that out has given me a focus for Holy Week, so maybe I can get something written for that.

  2. ooh, Liz, I like that!

    I'm finalizing Palm Sunday now, and have Good Friday basically planned...Maundy Thursday I'm planning to follow my new church's usual plan, which involves footwashing and communion and sanctuary stripping (how we fit all of that into one service, I have no idea...). Easter...umm....well, hopefully Jesus will rise. :-)

    I feel a little behind the curve right now, but I also feel like Lent is SO LONG. Apparently I'm capable of holding both of those feelings at once. LOL.

  3. Liz - I like that idea too!

    I'm doing the passion from John, no sermon, bidding prayers and solemn reproaches for Good Friday, so that service is done. We don't have many who attend, so I'm choosing to do the full passion according to Luke on Palm/Passion Sunday, so no sermon there either. That service is almost done but I'm contemplating a change - we use several readers for various parts - Jesus, Peter, etc and the congregation gets the crowd parts (ie Crucify him!). I'm thinking about changing it up and having the congregation do the disciples' parts - maybe a way to invite people into the story in a new way.

    That leaves Maundy Thursday and Easter. I don't have a good direction for either yet. I'm feeling a huge amount of stress - today and tomorrow are booked with little room for planning and writing. I'm hoping next week will get me some breathing room!


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