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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Wednesday Festival

Erica at Don’t Flay the Sheep has an incredible blog post with lots of links!  Grab a cup of coffee/tea/soothing hot beverage and settle in – there’s a lot to read and inwardly digest here.  The link to the article about the work atmosphere at Facebook was particularly intriguing to me. 

There is a book recommendation on Erica’s blog (above) and also on A Church for Starving Artists: The Secrets of Happy Families.  Makes me curious to read it.  

There are several blogs still posting pictures for the #lentphoto Project discipline:

Jeff at Philosophy Over Coffee has been working on his own Lenten discipline: working on an art project throughout Lent.  His project is a song that has turned into two songs.  Then, below that post is a post about Gen-Xers that goes back into what Erica (above) has written.  Funny how it all comes around. 

It also seems to be a good time for retreats, some already done and some still being planned.  If you need some inspiration or just need to live vicariously through other’s retreats, read these:

One more Lenten Discipline to consider this week (it’s never too late) is Rachel Hackenberg’s Writing to God project.  Rachel will email you a prayer prompt everyday that you use to write your prayers to God throughout Lent Mary Beth at Terrapin Station is doing it, as is Teri at Clever Title Here.  You can also click through on Rachel's blog and be inspired by her amazing prayer writing.

I hope these give you some nourishment as you continue to observe a Holy Lent.  We are halfway through the season – blessings on your journey.


  1. Link your blog here is you would like to point people to a discussion happening on your page - shameless plugs allowed!!

  2. Our Lenten journey is reflecting on the life-changing questions that Jesus asked. I am blogging daily (M-F) on the question of the day. We are following the outline found in "Lenten Journey: Beyond Question," by Eric Burtness. (Augsburg Fortress publication (c)2012). You can reflect on Jesus' questions with me at: Welcome! I am learning a TON about blogging through this adventure! I'd love to work with more comments. :)

  3. SW - great blog - love the question of the day format. Thanks for the invitation!


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