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Monday, April 01, 2013

No Foolin'--we have some great new members!

Happy Easter Monday! Happy April! Happy Fools' Day!

Many of us are recovering from a marathon. What better way to recover than by lounging about with new friends? There's TONS of great reading material here--click around and meet some new people, say hello, and offer a warm RGBP welcome!

Religious and Spiritual: a blog by a 50-something ELCA pastor in rural Ohio. Why live with a false dichotomy?

Deb is a Presbyterian pastor in California. She loves jazz, is active on Twitter, participates in Unco, and has a blog that comes with a warning! "Warning: This blog may be hazardous. Contents may be inflammatory. If you suffer from 100% confidence in the faith of your childhood, or 100% certitude regarding the doctrines of your denomination, or if you have been angry because someone moved your metaphorical cheese, you may not want to read on. In other words, I'm trying to be as honest as possible about my thoughts, reflections, inspirations, concerns, dreams, schemes, hopes, and fears and don't plan to filter much, so heads up!"

Kathleen is a Presbyterian pastor in Iowa. She's also a knitter, film-maker, and excels at spreadsheets (ha!). Many of us have been following her Lenten sermon series on spiritual practices...and her beautiful photography for Lent photo-a-day!

Janet is a "listener for God and a seeker of thin places," a Methodist pastor, a nurse, a wife, and a mom. I hope her prayers and photos will be a thin place for you, as they have been for me in a busy week!

Many of us met SoulWiggles on the BE...and many more of us have met her in the comments here. She's a Lutheran pastor whose first career was as an ICU nurse. She loves coffee and books and chocolate...and her husband and family too. :-)

Linda is an author, pastor, yoga teacher, wife, mom, engineer, and community organizer. Her blog is a an online devotional to accompany her book.

Long-time RevGal Liz has moved her blog, so be sure to update your blogrolls and feed readers, and stop in and say hi in the newer digs!



  1. Catching up a day late. Lovely to click around & meet everyone!


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