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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Festival: Holding Boston in our prayers, thoughts, and hearts

As a nation we have been holding the people of Boston and the participants of the Boston Marathon in our hearts, thoughts, and prayer.  As a blogging community we have done the same, offering words of loss, grief, and hope.  As one who has been struck dumb by the horrors of this bombing I am thankful for those who have been brave enough to offer heartfelt and thoughtful reflections.  Here are just a few....

a church for starving artists

Liberation Theology Lutheran

With a Cup and a Prayer

Barefoot Theology

Sister Sarah's Excellent Adventure


In the midst of terror and horror life goes on.  For some reminders of "normalcy" check out:

The Blue Room's List of "B List Kid Milestones" in which she discusses some of the less talked about milestones in our children's lives.  It brought a smile to my face and hope it will to yours as well.

Musings of an altomom shares her travels in France--a beautiful tale of sights and wonders

Philosophy over coffee liberates his blogging process

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  1. Hi all, Susapect #2 was apprehended two blocks from our church in Watertown, MA. Here is a prayer I wrote & sent to the parish last night. Praying for peace, Amy

    God, the author of peace and lover of concord, we give you thanks and praise for your presence on a dark day. We ask you to be with us as we exhale from the stress of the day, rest through the night, and rise up tomorrow to move into our future. We give thanks for all those who exhausted themselves working to restore our safety today; we give thanks for all small acts of kindness that buoyed us through this; and we ask for your guidance and strength in the days ahead as we work for a safer world for all your people. In Christ's name, AMEN.


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