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Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Prayer: Memorial Day

God of peace and reconciliation-

We ask that your holy light would shine this day on:

All those men and women of this country who gave their lives in wars and conflicts, who died in many and various ways, who may or may not have agreed with the cause, whose lives brought greater freedom and whose lives are part of regrettable history. May they rest in your peace.

All those men and women of other countries- who had families, hopes, and dreams- who may have fought willingly or were coerced or manipulated, who saw a greater good or who felt a sense of hopelessness. May they rest in your peace.

All those men and women of all countries who died for peace, who refused to fight, who hungered and thirsted for righteousness, who died hoping for an end to violence. May they rest in your peace.

On this day, may we remember that war is not inevitable. Death is an enemy- of yours and of ours. Grant us the resolve to be dedicated to the cause of peace.


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