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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wednesday Festival: From Peace to Pop!

The writing is great this week . . .  it's my own ponderings that grow longer and longer!

Janet Salbert is putting together exquisite mediations and photographs at A Journey to Joy.

Today's the Feast Day of Julian of Norwich, and Kristin is reflecting upon Julian's meaning for her at Liberation Theology Lutheran.

Rev. Glenda preached about Lydia and thin places last Sunday; her sermon appears in A Place of Prayer.  She's got me wondering: if all that were left of us 2,000 years from now was a sentence or two, what questions would people be asking about our faith and leadership?

And a long one: Michelle of Quantum Theology, who is both a scientist and a writer on spirituality, wrote Felony Science for Slate - a piece about what turns girls into scientists, and the kind of hot water into which they may unexpectedly slip.  Just before Michelle's piece appeared, I heard an NPR interview with the [woman] president of Harvey Mudd College on the topic of engaging girls in science and persuading them that computer science, in which women students and professionals are sadly underrepresented, is how we engage with all that's new and exciting in our world.  Both the interview and Michelle's piece have also got me wondering:  How do we bring the same passion and conviction about faith -- that it's where everything is happening -- to those we serve, so that they want to go out and create "snap, crackles, and pops" in the spiritual life?

(I apologize for my tardiness.  I went to insert the image and my computer completely locked up, right before I had to leave for one parishoner's medical procedure and another's funeral.  One of those days.) 

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