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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Wednesday Festival: Innovation and Imitation (h/t to MAMD)

Good Morning Friends!

Wednesday and May are off to a quick start here - how about at your place?  

MaryAnn McKibben Dana starts us out strong this Wednesday with a Blessing of the Cell Phones – a way to start a retreat that acknowledges our connectedness and our need to be present.  I will certainly “Imitate and Innovate” with this one.

Sue at Sunday’s Child speaks about Paul innovating the church by going to new places. 

The daily meditation at Grace and Peace is all about imitation.  Take a minute there to consider how you reflect the glory of God.

Sally at Eternal Echoes has written a poem that looks for the commonalities in the seasons of Beltane and Pentecost as we creep into Spring.

Kristin at Liberation Theology Lutheran reminds us of the holiday today – May Day.  She writes about Marx, Paul, and pagan ideas also.

Be sure to link your blog in the comments if you would like to have more conversation partners at your blogging spot.

Blessings on your May Day today and on your ministry as we wrap up the program year in many places.  


  1. Half a dozen of us have been working on a project that presented a significant challenge: reflections on lectionary texts to inspire other preachers, but limited to 300 words each! Here are a couple of samples of things we submitted: Not My Job, by Marci Glass, about Ezekiel; and Scratching the Itch, by me, about Job! These are for the 2015 edition of Abingdon's Creative Preaching Annual. You can find this year's edition, edited by RevGal ring member Jenee Woodard and featuring the same half dozen or so of us, here: 2014 Abingdon Creative Preaching Annual. It's available on Kindle, too.

  2. I'm hosting a blog carnival - Any *May* a Beautiful Change - a reprise of last year's wonderful linkup. Write about a beautiful change in your life and link up here, anytime in May:

  3. Yay - thanks for playing! *off to check out the new links!*


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