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Monday, June 03, 2013

Monday Prayer: The Stories We Don't Know

God of all time and places, 

You know everything. 

In this age of information, there is still so much that escapes our notice. Stories that are "too small" for reporting. News that is "too far away". Cries and joys that remain private, thank You, and go unnoticed and unremarked upon by even the closest neighbors. 

We thank you for your presence in all these stories. We are consoled by knowing you are in Turkey and Oklahoma, but even greater is our relief that you are in those places and with those people whose stories are unknown to us. 

We thank you for your Spirit's work of healing, even before we hear of destruction. For Christ's work of reconciliation, even before we heard of dissension. For your work of reformation, even while we are still building. 

Keep us awake to your presence- that goes beyond our knowledge and our boundaries, 


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