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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Prayer of Thanksgiving

Gracious God, today we give thanks!

We give thanks for the people in our lives:
for the trailblazers who made the way as women in ministry,
and for the women who never knew there was a reason not to serve the church,
and for those who are just realizing their calls now;

for wise elders who share their stories with the young,
and for young people who listen with deep interest to tales of long-ago,
and for faith communities that bring many generations into relationship;

for spouses and partners and friends who remind us we are loved with
a comforting touch,
or a knowing glance,
or a shared tear,
or a laugh so loud people look to see what is so funny.

We give thanks for the ways we can remain connected even at a distance:
a thoughtful card,
or a well-timed email,
or a much-needed text,
or a phone call that is a sound for aching ears,
or a Facetime that is a sight for sore eyes,
or a prayer that touches us even when we don't know it's being prayed.

We thank you for the RevGalBlogPals community, lived out:
on this blog,
on Facebook,
on Twitter,
on chat,
via email,
on the phone,
and face to face.

Bless us and all the connections we will make this day and every day. Amen.

(Offered in honor of St. Casserole, around whose blog post this community constellated in 2005. She celebrates her 35th Ordination Anniversary today.)


  1. With great enthusiasm, she says, AMEN!!!!

  2. Love! And grateful, so grateful.
    Hallelujah , too, for st. Casserole!

  3. Amen and amen.

    And congratulations to St. Casserole who is one of MANY I hope to meet f2f at some point.


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