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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Wednesday Festival - Facebook Round-Up Edition

Blogger seems to be hiding some of the modules from us – Peek-A-Boo!  Without the blog roll on the side, I am instead going to highlight the blog posts submitted on the Facebook RGBP page this last week.  BTW, have you ever looking in the Files section of the FB Page?  Lots of good resources there-  go add some of your brilliance!

MaryAnn McKibben Dana has written a thoughtful post on discernment and U2 – no one else can ever be Bono – and would anyone ever really want to be?  But what about the others?  What were their options along the way?  MaryAnn makes a point that I find myself making a lot: there are many options that are equally right.  I am adding (although she said it too): there is no wasted time in God’s economy.  

Do you ever get caught up in the numbers?  Avg Sunday Attendance is a big one for me.  Ruth Everhart has thoughts on getting caught up in the numbers of how her book is selling.  I am so impressed that she has a book – and I can get it on Kindle!  So can you!  Adding to the summer reading list now…it will increase her numbers (:

Martha visits the discernment process by looking at Paul’s example – and then she points you right back to MaryAnn McKibben Dana!  I love knowing that we are all pondering some of the same things.  Definitely a sure mark of community for me.  If you have never gone to read Martha Spong’s blog, climb out from under that rock and treat yourself.  I love reading her travels through Arabia and back again.  Once I met her in person, then I read her blog with her voice in my head – just lovely. 

Using another popstar in her post, Angie Mabry-Nauta has had a turning point in her relationship with her mom.  Is there a more complicated relationship for women than with our own mothers?  Rabbi Kushner talks about the difference in mourning periods for parents than for others in our lives because of those complicated relationships in How Good Do We Have to Be?  Go on over and read through Angie’s blog – a lot of great entries exploring that relationship.

The last one I will highlight is not really a RevGal Blog (at least I don’t think it is), but a LOT of RevGals write it.  Julie posted this week on politicians who claim Jesus’ endorsement.  It is a great piece and a great blog if you have never wandered over there.  I love how talented the writers are at sitting in the intersection of politics and theology and pointing to the scenery around us.  They help me keep it in perspective when I would rather sometimes bury my head in the sand. 

I hope the blog gets all the modules back soon – I’m sure as soon as I post it will pop back up.  

Blessings and prayers for all the families in transitions of school years ending, children graduating, those moving off and those moving back.  May we hold each other tenderly in these times.  

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