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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Festival of Birthday Wishes!

Friday is RevGalBlogPals' birthday. woot woot! So this week's Wednesday Festival is full of birthday wishes!

Over at the Facebook Group, the blogger on whose blog the ring was born says "Happy Birthday to us! How wonderful God is to work through the lives of so many people and gather us together. I dream of the day when we have several events a year, solid funding for what we want to do, and we are known far and wide."

Leah Sophia is celebrating both her own blog-a-versary AND the RevGalBlogPal birthday! Happy 11 to you and 8 to us!

Julie wishes upon a firework, for good friends to get together in person on her side of the pond. I'd be happy to come over--I bet other RevGals would too. :-)

Heidi calls us to stand on our chairs for our birthday! Such a wonderful tradition, worthy of passing on!

Robin dreams of the possibilities for empowering and nurturing women in leadership--a great birthday wish for an organization of women leaders. We can use all the help we can offer one another!

Deb gets to request the menu, and it's for us to stand strong for a day when all can serve as they are called.

and over at my place, I'm insisting on a birthday month rather than a day, and using my candles to wish for more than one things at a time. Rules are made to be broken, right? ;-)

What about you? If you were blowing out the RevGalBlogPal birthday candles, what would you wish for us? Leave your birthday wishes in the comments!


  1. RevGalBlogPals changed my life. Thank you sisters (& a few brothers)

    Jan - A Church for Starving Artists (since October 2005.)


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