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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a tuesday prayer...

Sitting in this crowd of strangers,
in this airport waiting area
I am at wonder
how fearful and wonder-ful
each human life must be.

I wonder at the youngish business woman clutching her Starbucks,
frantically clacking at her laptop,
getting ready, I imagine, for an Important Meeting at the other side of her trip.

Then, there is  the elderly couple
over there,
enjoying their dunkin' coffee and chocolate iced donuts,
without talking,
and yet the way their bodies interact,
leaning over one another,  hands gathering trash,
like a duet,
the conversation is old and deep and complicated,
and full.

In this bustle of people,
oh, My God, so many lives,
each fraught with joy and despair,
discomfort, love, confidence,
hope, dreams, denial,
worry, willfulness, strength...

each carrying within
a Spark of You.

my breath clutches,
and my eyes sting with a spring of emotion,
My God.  So much Divine in this space,
it almost hurts to think of the Power and Love
contained in this space.
My God, so much of You,
So much of You.

Fearful, and wonderful.


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