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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Tuesday Prayer

Ah, God,
my mind is in a tumble this morning.
Scattered, circle thoughts jumping hoops in my heart and soul,
so many prayers, so little focus, and yet...
these snips of thoughts
are the joys and concerns
way my heart meditates this morning.

For those taking Great Leaps of Faith and Courage,
prayers for added measures of each.

For those facing Exasperating Interactions,
prayers for calm. And patience.

For those in Despair,
prayers for a Touch of Grace,
and an arm of love to hold them.

For the Earth.
Our dear, dear Mother Earth.
My God-dess.
Change all of our hearts and initiative quickly.
Quicken our resolve,
Strengthen our Voice,
forgive our dishonor of this Home we take for granted.

Help us to breathe today.
To honor the snippets of our thoughts by releasing them to You,
in simple prayers.
Help us to be Grace,
and to see You
in this gift of  living today.



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