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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Festival: The Carnival Continues!

Teri posted the question a couple of days ago, and for today's Festival-Carnival,  I'm going to do my best to collect all the posts from their various locales.  If I've missed you somehow or if you post after this goes up, please add your link in the comments. 

What's the most surprising connection you've made through RevGalBlogPals? Or the most surprising or helpful thing you've learned/experienced through this galship of friends?Of course, feel free to interpret the question however you'd like--"connection" could mean with another person or a congregation or even just bits of information that finally connect into a coherence you never expected. Things you've learned or experienced may have been helpful, surprising, or even surprisingly helpful though they at first seemed silly. Your experience and imagination is the limit--there are no wrong answers, only stories we all want to hear!

For instance:

Mary Beth writes about Surprising Galships.

Julie reminds us that we are connected through the matrix . . .       .

Rev Mibi writes about connections and help here.

Martha 'splains how supportive community thrives.

Kathryn reflects on the connection between geocaching and Revgals.

Teri connects across continents.

Deb delights in surprising acceptance and support.

Karla recalls being lonely in a new place, needing friends, and finding them.

How about you? How have you been surprised by/through/about RGBP? Share your story or your link in the comments! Use this format to include your post's URL:
<a href="the url of your blog post goes here"> what you want the link to say goes here</a> 


  1. I just read the linked posts and learned some things I didn't know before about the ways we have connected, across oceans even! Wonderful.

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  3. I do so little blogging these days, I suspect I will never get around to following through on my intention to write something about this. However, I would like to say how grateful I was for the community of RevGals at the time I was discerning my call to ordained ministry. It was such a crazy idea for a middle-aged woman, and there really wasn't anyone in my real life I could talk with about it. I appreciated both the gestures of support as I worked things out through my blog, and the example of women in ministry that I found in reading what others were writing. It meant the world to me!

    1. What a great reflection on RevGalBlogPals at its highest function. Thanks for sharing!


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