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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Festival: Journey On

Ring member Jemma, in China, began work on this post, but due to technical troubles the post has traveled around the world to be finished by me. Blessings to Jemma and her ministry today and thanks be to God for the ways we are able to connect when all the pieces of technology work. You'll see our Festival goes around the world today.

Kathryn is in India and invites us to journey alongside her, first recalling her trip seven years ago (I remember that! Can it be possible?), complete with links to her blog posts then. Her first reflection on this trip is New York Living in Bangalore. She writes,

Landing in Bangalore, I thought for some anxious moments that the the restless buzzing city I had loved had a new personality. The road from the brand new terminal was undamaged, free from traffic...but once we were through the gates India reasserted itself in all its energetic chaos and complexity. Yes, perhaps more motorbike drivers wore helmets than before - but they still carried any number of passengers riding a precarious unprotected pillion. Yes, we passed a huge car showroom filled with the ultimate status symbol, row on row of gleaming Mercedes...but outside cows rootled in the garbage. A Hindu temple seemed to have a sideline in supplying idols elsewhere - for there was an adjoining yard filled with giant figures of gods and goddesses, shrouded in polythene for safe transit - who knows where?

If you've met Kathryn, you can't help hearing this post in her voice, which is a pleasant thing.

An American Girl in the UK remembers the place of St. Ignatius in her spiritual journey, and a particular member of the cloud of witnesses who influenced her, also reminding us that today is the Feast of St. Ignatius.

Another Ignatian, Robin at Metanoia, marks her journey by writing a review of her life in honor of her 60th birthday.  The final entry in the series is here and finds her wistful.

Diana at Just Wondering shares a photo essay about a day trip with her family. Go and visit for the beautiful photographs of Hawaii and the honest reflections on being stretched beyond fear.

Three generations are together after one travels to make a visit at Suzanne's blog, Life in Motherhood, Ministry and the Arts.

Carol writes of our personal safaris and in particular a courageous sacrifice made by a family her son visited. You can find her reflections here and she also links to her son's blog about the trip to Mexico.

jo(e) has been on a different journey, to the hospital to be at her dying mother-in-law's bedside. Many of us have been reading jo(e)'s blog since before the founding of RevGalBlogPals, so the members of her family feel like old friends. Our prayers are with all of them as they move into a new phase of family life without this beloved member of the body of Christ. I'm reminded of Scott Simon's tweets about taking a similar journey with his mother this week.

It's a different kind of journey, but Sarah at Deep Thought invites us to participate in her research about Faith and Art.  She’s in the process of refining her survey, so stop by and answer her questions and give her some feedback.

Where are you on the journey this week? Share a link to your blog in the comments and if you go to read the posts above, leave a comment. It means a lot to know we are not alone, wherever we may travel.

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  1. hmmm, I am pondering the dreaded parish magazine and the problem of piles... :D
    It was a good distraction from the task at hand, but back to my 'ministerial mutterings'!
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