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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Wednesday GalShip Festival

Happy July 3rd – are you rushing around trying to get all of your work done with one fewer day, or is that just me?!   As a fun distraction, the RGBP Board has asked us to reflect on what Galship means to us in our lives.  There are several different definitions you will find as you read through the blog posts:

Mine is here. I am not sure I would be a priest today without RGBP Galship.  

Mary Beth, to whom I will be forever grateful for introducing me to RGBP, blogged Galship through one particular and special relationship

RevHRod – which I used to think meant HotRod – and it still might – on Galship 

Martha writes about the beginnings of Galship and St Casserole

Liz has a great definition of Galship – and I can hear it in her lovely accent.

Robin has shared her experience with Galship.

BookGirl has a wonderful entry as a Pal experiencing Galship – bridging Galship from before RGBP and also bridging academia and Palship. 

Jan has a lot of fun Galship pics and a prayer request to share.

Teri writes about the spectrum of relationships found within Galship

Deb writes about her journey from Pal to Gal through RGBP - we've done a lot of that journey together

Kathrynzj has a picture of the Chia tattoos in her post about Galship – we got them to show solidarity with her – but we couldn’t shave over the temporary tattoos 

Terri, who I finally met IRL at General Convention last year has blogged about Galship and posted a great picture

RevShuna explains the RGBP group in her post from across the Pond – great Galship over there too!

Katherine E – who must live close to me – writes about Galship – when are we meeting up?

Gord has a great post about Galship as a Pal and a regular contributor of RGBP

It's a great festival this week!  Fill up your coffee cup and settle in for some fun reminiscing and get acquainted with some folks you may not have met - YET!

If you have blogged on Galship - please link to it in the comments or on the FB Page.

Happy 4th to the US Gals & Pals - and blessings on your work this week.


  1. I got mine written late for inclusion but you can read it here

  2. Gord just saw the link on FB!! So sorry I missed it but I love your entry! Will try to edit it in.

  3. Any chance we could take off the spam filters while we do these things. I tend not to comment because I can't read the #@#@ numbers and letters they give to test that I am not a computer.

    (Also, get off my lawn.)

    1. They could at least make the Spam filter letters/numbers bigger and less blurry!!

    2. that would involve remembering if I have the thing on and remembering where to find the place to remove it in the blogger interface.....

    3. good point, KZJ--I just went and changed mine. Maybe the spambots are done with my blog anyway? :-)

  4. I finally got mine written too but blogger doesn't like my link


  5. was late to the Galship carnival... but you can find some potted ramblings here

  6. Shared my thoughts about Galship over at my place - signs-along-the-way. Thanks!

  7. Here's mine

  8. I'm a traditionalist...I've ALWAYS been late to these things so here I am, at 11.59 on Wednesday evening! And it's so long since I posted that I've forgotten how to do the html link. But at least there's something!

  9. gals on a ship

    And I completely agree with getting rid of the spambot thing. About half of the time, I can't get a comment posted.


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