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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Tuesday Prayer

for early alarms that wake us to beautiful days,
we give You thanks.
for kind people in new situations,
we give You thanks.
for when our hearts our confused and broken and someone gets it,
we give You thanks.
for when we robotically take the bread, the wine,
and someone else believes for you
that it is heaven and hope,
we give You thanks.
for virtual and real colleagues,
oh my sweet Jesus,
we give you thanks.
for breath and sighs and sadness and loved ones, and HGTV to escape,
we give you thanks.

Oh God.
Life is a wonder,
a conundrum,
a  disappointment,
a joy
when one longs to follow and serve you...
when one knows that she isn't perfect or even the best,
but still....
Oh God.
Thank You.

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